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  1. Hey all, A while back I was trying to get Processwire working on the Homestead vagrant box - a really handy vagrant box made by Taylor Otwell (Laravel creator). One cool thing about homestead is it has its own config file where you can set 'path maps' which map a folder on your computer to the vagrant box, and then also set up hostnames. So for example you can set up 10 domains pointing to different locations on your machine, making it a nice all in one vagrant development box for your sites. One thing it didn't do was support processwire. The way it works is it uses setup files for each site, and you can specify things like a site to use nginx, a site to use apache, etc. So to get round this I wrote a custom setup script for it to get processwire working, and it works really well. I've put it up on github should anyone else find it handy, it's a pretty simple little script and is based on the Laravel one included in Homestead. Hopefully it'll be useful to someone out there You can grab it here: https://github.com/rickmills/homestead-processwire
  2. Awesome! Thanks @horst and @kongondo - much appreciated
  3. Hi there, I've not used processwire for a few months but have been keeping an eye on version 3 as I'm due to start a new processwire site within the next few weeks and had a couple of questions: Are modules for ProcessWire 2.7 generally compatible with ProcessWire v3? Would I be better off sticking with 2.7 for now, and upgrading at a later date (assuming that's possible)? I did have a flick through the forums and blog posts however couldn't see anything that answered these questions, apologies if I've missed it somewhere though. Many thanks
  4. Hi, I'm in the middle of setting up a new PW site and cloned in master from github, but was a bit surprised to see that ProcessWire isnt yet PHP7 compatible. I mean, it works. But at the top of every page you get a depreciated notice: Is there any timeframe for when PW will be updated to PHP7? This looks like a fairly minor thing to fix, it's just a bit surprising it's not already done. There's a very strong push to get people updated to PHP7 in the development community, and all the major hosts seem to be pushing it too, likely due to its lower resource usage, and speed improvements. If this is something not yet planned, I take it I'd be ok to submit a pull request on github with some, if not all the updates needed to get this compatible with PHP7? Cheers
  5. Awesome work! Any chance of a demo being made available, or some kind of gallery or screencast so we can take a look at how it works?
  6. There's been a few redactor-like wysiwyg options come out recently. I've had my eye on Trumbowyg which looks promising. There was another more established one but I cant for the life of me thing what it was called.
  7. Noticed a very minor thing on the built in image field that could be improved. Apologies if this has been suggested before, or if I've missed the option to rotate. Basically images taken on some mobile phones and even modern cameras have an attribute in the exif data that tells you the orientation that the photo should be handled in. Currently if you upload a photo that was taken upside down for example, it doesn't pick that up and leaves it upside down. It'd be great if during the upload, ProcessWire could extract the exif orientation data and rotate the image accordingly.
  8. Thanks for the info kongondo For anyone wanting a 'quick hack for now' for setting the published date, run through the MarkupBlog.module file, and the template files and find: find("template=blog-post and immediately after add this: , blog_date<=".date('Y-m-d G:i:s')." This will basically add a condition to the post (aka page) lookup, to make sure the date field is set to now, or lower. I've run some tests on my local copy and it's working as expected.
  9. This module looks awesome - thanks hugely for sharing Could I ask (pretty new to Processwire so apologies if this is easy or not possible or anything like that). Would it be possible to modify the post URI so that instead of something like /blog/posts/this-is-a-post you could have something like /blog/2014/06/this-is-a-post So essentially it'd categorize the posts into year and month. This is similar to how Wordpress and a couple of other CMS/Blog systems do it as default, and it's pretty handy as if you've got 2 posts with the same name, they are less likely to clash if you're also including/checking the month/year. Also, I read through the thread and saw a mention of having a publish date/time - has this been implemented? If not I'm probably going to be doing some work on a few of my own modules in the next week or two, so would be happy to see about doing a pull request with it as it's something I'll need to add anyway
  10. Right I'm officially in love with ProcessWire. I've been setting up all my templates and field types and wow....things like the repeater field type are amazing, and the level of customisation...just...wow!
  11. To be honest I'm not a massive fan of how Pyro handles it. I've just never really considered anything else, and always assumed that it was 'the norm'. The one thing I do like about a 'media manager' approach is that you can sort all your images into folders, which makes it real easy to find old events. As an example if I want to pull up all our photos from an event at one of the parks a couple of years ago, we've got it all sorted into things like: Theme Parks > Epcot > Events > 2012 > Food and Wine Festival That's the only real big bonus I find with the media manager approach. I had a heavily modified gallery setup on Pyro which could pick up all the images in one of the virtual directories and turn it into a nice image gallery. That being said, from what I understand with Processwire it's not all that different, it's just instead of 'virtual folders' you have pages, so it'll hopefully not be an issue
  12. Hey Ryan, thanks for your reply. I know what you mean about the Pyro way being insecure. I brought it up with them a while ago and the only option was to allow BOTH the ID and the Filename. There was no way to set any kind of limitations on image sizes that could be generated, or any way to pre-define the sizes to use to prevent users generating new images. I've been having a play around with images and pages and I see what you mean about having something better - that just saved me weeks of potential dev work Thanks for the comments on the site too! It's currently a bit dated as I basically had about a 6 month period where I was too busy to do any site content other than news posts. I've got a whole stash of new and updated content for it but have been holding off publishing until it was moved off of Pyro. I've only been playing with ProcessWire for a few hours but I'm loving it so far. I finally think I've found what I'm looking for - thanks for creating such an awesome project! (Have a great time in Orlando!)
  13. Thanks for your reply SiNNuT. For the images my plan would be to write a module that essentially emulates what the PyroCMS one, and my custom one do. It'd basically have 2 DB tables, one for categories, one for media files. The files would all go in somewhere like /site/files/ (I'd probably not have categories in here as it complicates things - I'd use this just purely to store all the files in). A cache directory would store all resized images. You'd then have an area in the admin area to manage the files and their folders. The only bit I've not figured out yet is the best way to add it as a plugin to either TinyMCE or CKEditor (or even Redactor - I'm licensed to use it in commercial projects so could add it as a module and release it, but I'd be required to charge a fee, even if it was just $1 or something). I'd guess whichever editor I use I'd have to have a copy of that editor as a separate module, that requires the main media module, so that when you click the image button in the editor, it loads up the image picker from the media module instead of a URL or upload field. I did get this working with CKEditor on my own system, so it'd be fairly simple to pull that across and convert it over. I did find one addon called ImageManager which does look pretty decent, I'll have to have a play with it and see how it handles things like image serving and caching.
  14. Hi all, I've got a bit of a newbie situation for you all today and would appreciate any input you could provide. Right. I use PyroCMS, a very dated, but heavily modified and patched copy on my site. As it stands I'm finding Pyro to be more of a pain by the day (broken features, now impossible to upgrade as they discontinued some stuff we need, etc) and am looking to move to something else. I first started out by planning out, and starting a completely custom CMS built on Laravel. But I've not come anywhere close to finishing and it seems silly to spend months building a complete system, when I can use something like ProcessWire and then build (and, where possible, share) custom modules for any functionality I need added. The site has a custom set of tables. They store theme parks, the 'lands' inside the parks, then the attractions, restaurants and stores inside each land. It also stores hotels and their restaurants, and hotel details such as room types, gps data for locations, etc. A lot of the data isn't utilised on the current site, but I've got it all ready to be used on the new system. Ideally I'm also looking for a way to have all these individual sets of data (which then get shown as 'pages') properly tagged for a decent way of searching the site. Am I right in thinking ProcessWire is an ideal option for all these custom data types? One other thing I'm a little worried about is images/media. I've got a TON of photos and galleries on the site, and right now I use PyroCMS's built in file manager, which is essentially a jquery based virtual file browser, but it allows cool things like on the fly image resizing and caching by doing something like this: Original: http://wdwfans.com/files/large/21638 500x500 cropped: http://wdwfans.com/files/thumb/21638/500/500/fit 500x500 filled: http://wdwfans.com/files/thumb/21638/500/500/fill Whilst from the front-end I have no need to do that, it'd be from the backend that I need to browse and insert images into pages that are already uploaded, and set the sizes up. I had a flick through the modules database but didn't see anything obvious that would allow this. I'd happily write a custom module for something like this, but wanted to first check that nothing existed already, or if there was a better method of achieving something along these lines. For my current database-based content I'm literally pulling the DB content directly into the template files. Am I right in thinking process wire handles this sightly better? For reference/info here's some examples of the pages that use custom data: Restaurant: http://wdwfans.com/dining/teppan-edo Attraction: http://wdwfans.com/theme-parks/magic-kingdom/attractions/splash-mountain Resort: http://wdwfans.com/resorts/disneys-all-star-movies-resort I'm excited at the thought that I may have finally found a CMS capable of performing the tasks I need it to do. I'd really appreciate any input or suggestions on if ProcessWire will be able to do what I need, and where I may run into any problems. Many thanks.
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