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  1. We have the same problem. Any suggestions on how to solve that? How did you solve that iNoize?
  2. Yeah they are always very fun with some alcohol involved 🙂
  3. Our whole international website is based on processwire, we have a pretty advanced installation with several countries, domains and CDN
  4. Please check here, you can find the full job post: https://jobs.zu-zweit.de/webdeveloper/de in German har har 🙂 The position is in Munich and partly remote possible. If you have further questions, just let me know.
  5. The thing is the whole right management doesn't make so much sense. As soon as a user has edit rights for admin templates (which he needs to edit templates) he can edit itself and add any role he wants since all are managed by the same admin template. So how should I achieve this: I want to create a User that can create/edit/delete pages, and can create/edit/delete fields and templates, but can not create/edit/delete users. @ryan is that possible with the core user rights management?
  6. I have already read this. When i am trying to manage the access to different admin pages (like templates, fields, or users) i can only configure them in the admin template. Am i right that i can only grant access to all of those pages or none for a role (Message on users page for example: "Access is defined with this page's template: admin" )
  7. Hello, i am currently trying to restructure my user roles. I want to create a User that can create/edit/delete pages, and can create/edit/delete fields and templates, but can not create/edit/delete users. As far as i see the is no specific permission for users, fields or templates. As i saw only superuser can edit templates and fields currently. Have i overseen something or is it not possible with the default rights management to create a user with those permissions?
  8. Thank you @BitPoet the solution from the github issue solved it for me.
  9. I have problems with some 404 URLs, that are not rendering the page_not_found template but the home page template instead. Normal URLs that don't exist like /this-page-does-not-exist are redirected to my 404 page without any problems. But for URLs like /cool-page%20abc /page&=123 /pagename'A the home page is rendered. But when i am checking the webdeveloper console, the return code is 404 Do i miss some configuration? Thank you
  10. i already tried with clearing the cache, but that did not help. The error occurs when i have nothing changed at the modules at all (nothing renamed, no modules installed or deleted).
  11. thanks for your answer @netcarver yes that could be indeed the reason for that. i have created an issue for this bug: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/46
  12. We have a autoscaling Application with multiple instances, which can be replaced by the autoscaling, what means that its a completely new instance, so the cache folder does not exist and has to be filled again by the compiler.
  13. Hey, I have a question regarding the fileCompiler: is it possible to compile all files (templates + modules) with the filecompiler at once after a deploy (in a composerPostinstall for example) and disable it afterwards completely. The problem is, when i am deploying a new version to my instances, the cache folders might be replaced, so the files need to be recompiled when the first user is visiting the page after deployment. With that "pre-compilation" i want to prevent that the users have to wait for the filecompiler to compile. Thanks Chris
  14. Hello Guys, i have a question regarding the fileCompiler of PW 3.x. On my page i am monitoring the execution times and sometimes i have some peaks in the execution time. I profiled the code and i recognized that those peaks come from the fileCompiler, more specific from the function compileNamespace (preg_match_all takes the most time). So my question is, how does the FileCompiler decides when it compiles the files, and would it be possible that i trigger the compilation of all files after a new deployment so that during requests of visitors of my page there are no compilations, to keep the loading times as low as possible? thank you Joscha
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