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  1. So, I finally have time to look at my issues. So I get on to check the page load again, and now it works. Try on a different computer at a different location, and it works there as well. Seems it's corrected itself??? Sounds like a DNS issue to me. Why it would take so long to fix itself I don't understand. I'm not sure what else to think? Thanks for the suggestions. I'll consider it "resolved" for now, until something else proves otherwise.
  2. It is actually a different header image on each page, so that's not an issue as such, although I do need to correct it. As for templates, there are a couple of different ones in use. I missed my coding window of opportunity for another day, so I'm on hold till I can get some programming time.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. No I haven't tried debug mode. I'm stuck at work for the next 8 hours or so. If I get a chance tonight I'll try them out and see what happens.
  4. Yes I went through all if that before posting here, although with the number of permutations in .htaccess, I probably didn't try them all. However that's why I created a test site, to see if the standard .htaccess worked for me. Given the test site comes up fne, doesn't that mean the .htaccess isn't an issue? I also compared the config.php between the two sites, and apart from the database login details, that looks the same too.
  5. I'm still not having any luck here. Are there any cache settings in PW itself I can set? i didn't see anything in the admin screens. Could there possibly be something bad in the database that I copied from my development site?
  6. I agree, and I didn't put it there. I have no idea how it got created. The older version was in the proper location at this local path :-/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/maryvalecommunity.com/site/modules/Blog The newer version was in this local path :- /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/maryvalecommunity.com/site/modules/Blog/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/maryvalecommunity.com/site/modules/Blog It's fixed now I think - my live site is still bugged so not 100% sure if something else screwy has happened, but I don't know how it happened in the first place.
  7. It looks like something went screwy when I tried the update from URL, or somewhere along the line, as I have a second copy of the module installed in a sub-tree of the modules directory, which mirrors my local drive path to the original modules directory. As a result, I think I have some old and some new files in my install location. So, I just want to manually refresh all the core files without doing a reinstall. Should it be OK to simply delete everything under the blog tree, except the templates directory, which I've customised, and put in a fresh copy of the current dev files/folders?
  8. Thanks for testing. I hope this indicates something to someone, as I have no idea how to investigate that further. To move the site from my local machine to my server, I just zipped the whole structure and moved it to the server, as per the move tutorial in the documentation. Could there be some temporary files that went with the archive, that need to be cleaned when moving a site? If so, how do I do that? *EDIT* Browsing around the site files, I did find something odd, but am not sure this should affect anything. Under the /site/Modules folder, there is a Blog folder, but there is also a Applications/MAMP/htdocs/maryvalecommunity.com/site/modules/Blog which seems to be a second copy of the blog module, installed under my local dev site path, below the modules folder. I don't think this branch should be here, and I should be able to delete it with no effect, but maybe if the install is linking down there instead of the top level module, something screwy may happen? But the blog module is not my home page anyway, it's just a standard PW site at that level? *EDIT2* I moved that Applications/ tree away, no difference, so I guess that's not it. *EDIT3* Well I've tried tidying up stray files, removing cache files, and looking for odd files in strange places, all with no change. I'm stumped.
  9. Hi all, Well I finally just moved my first proper Processwire site into live, after developing in MAMP on my iMac using Chrome to dev in. I loaded the site up in Chrome and it works fine, and I've edited some pages and have seen the edits applied when I reloaded the site. However, upon further investigation, when trying Safari on the iMac, iPhone or iPad, it is giving the dreaded "Internal Server Error" message. So I tried running parallels for Windows 8, with IE and Chrome in Windows, and neither of them works either. Why would chrome on iMac work, and nothing else? Is it some sort of Cache issue where my development browser is accessing cached data, and none of the other unused browser have this info? My site has been implemented with PW 2.5.0 & the latest dev version of Kongondo's Blog. Any suggestions where I need to look? The site is http://maryvalecommunity.com if anyone wants a look. Thanks. Russell. *edit* Well this is odd. I setup a default PW install in a sub-directory to the main site. when I test it, it works. Then after testing it, then going back to the above domain, that then works as well?? Can anyone explain this odd behaviour for me? Is it DNS caching? When I first put the main site up, it did have an error because I had mis-spelled my DB-User name. Maybe that version got pushed to DNS and the unused browsers are hitting an old version, or something like that?
  10. Oh sorry I think I've confused you. The module was not updated by the update process. I ran the "update from url" step, but then when I looked today, the module was still the old one. No drana I just downloaded the .zip again and overwrote with the new module. As for aurhor name, I have it displaying my name fine, but the problem is the link url still shows the username, not the display name, thereby giving someone withp malicious intent a foot into the backend door.
  11. Something else I've just come across. Since I'll be probably posting articles and don't particularly want to swap between an admin login and an author login all the time, I was hoping for some way to change the Author links to use the display name, instead of the username. I'm guessing this would require module changing and not just something I could code myself while still using the MarkupBlog author functions?
  12. Hmm, not necessarily a blog issue, but I did the update last week and it all said it worked fine, but I've only just got around to trying the comments change, and when it didn't work, I looked at the MarkupBlog module and there are no changes in it. Not a drama I can change it manually, but I wonder why it didn't work?
  13. Fantastic! Wish all updates were that easy. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the quick update. I just want to double check the update process. An earlier post in the thread said you can just upload the new module and update it from the admin area. So this won't try and reinstall anything, it will just update the code? Or should i just be copying in the updated module?
  15. Thanks. Yeah I actually started out with the blank templates, but then I realised I didn't know how to access the ProcessBlog data, so I went back and reinstalled with the demo's. My bad I looked for the docs but didn't find them. That should solve all my problems, thanks Russell.
  16. Well I'm finally getting around to trying to implement the blog within an existing site. I've installed it with comments enabled because I want comments down the track, but I want to launch without them. I've put the demo templates in to work from, although the formatting is slightly screwy for me, with the grid not seeming to work, but hat's a side issue. I'm trying to replace the demo files with my own layout. So, I'm starting with blog.php. I don't need the blog-main.inc, so I've commented it out. I want to remove the comments count at the end of the post, and the number at the top, which I think is the number of comments made? it shows 0. I've put in the options below to remove the bottom text, but how do I get rid of the '0' at the top? Or is there a better way of hiding any references to comments for now, which I can enable again later? $options = array('post_zero_comments_text' => '', 'post_comments_label' => ''); $content .= $blog->renderPosts("limit=$limit", $options); Thanks *EDIT* I've moved on to the Sidebar, looking to re-style the Categories render, and have similar questions about changing the layout to something different than the renderNav() returns. It looks to me like it's doing both the desktop and mobile layouts at the same time? I'm not sure if there's an issue detecting mobile since I'm trying to add to a standard PW site? Should I just look at the module code and create my own render functions? *EDIT #2* Found some of the issues I was having were conflicts between the site profile style I was using vs the blog layout style. I can get the blog to show properly by not loading _main.php on the page, but then the style is a complete mismatch with the rest of my site. So I guess means I have to write my own render code, which pretty much means replacing the MarkupBlog module and associated blog-main.inc with my own, doesn't it?
  17. I just mean field-name = _init variable name = div id = re-assigned html echo field. There shouldn't be a conflict, but that's the type of thing that can get you into trouble in some languages.
  18. OK well I'm confused now. I thought I'd try the naming conflict idea first, so i went and changed the names in each area to something unique from the other areas, and it worked. So I then worked backwards resetting the changed names back to what they were, and now I'm back to the original code, referencing just one image, and it still works. All I can put it down to is maybe some sort of caching issue with my original incorrect code. Thanks for the persistence in trying to help. At least I understand how image fields work properly now, even if I don't know what the actual problem I had was
  19. Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah I realise Adrian's cide is for multiple images, but I'm clutchng at straws too. It'll be 24 hours or so before I'm on my desktop again. I'll try your suggestions and whatever else I can think of then. I'm wondering if repeating the same name across multiple areas might cause an issue? I'll report back when I can.
  20. Here's my screenshot As for the output, I'm using Chrome on an iMac. Here's a screenshot of the page with the element inspector open, so you can see what I see with the following code int eh _main.php <!-- Header Image --> <div id='header_image'> <?php $header_image = "<img src='{$header_image->url}' alt='{$header_image->description}' />"; echo $header_image; ?> </div> If I change the code to below, which reflects the suggestion from adrian <!-- Header Image --> <div id='header_image'> <?php $header_image = "<img src='$header_image->first()->url' alt='$header_image->first()->description' />"; echo $header_image; ?> </div> the image becomes
  21. I just checked, it was set to multiple images. I changed it to 1 and tried both code formats again, and still no luck. Running your count code returns 1. Yes the field is called header_image Here's a section of the edit screen showing the field.
  22. Thanks for the info, but still having troubles. Your code sample doesn't work, and looking at the link you supplied, it appears a single image should work using this syntax echo "<img src='{$page->image->url}'>"; Unfortunately that isn't working either, giving the same result I originally got. It's late here however, so maybe my brain is malfunctioning. I'll have to look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.
  23. So I have a skeleton site setup using the delayed output templates and thought I could tackle the simple task of adding a header image. Alas, I seem to be failing at even that basic task. Below are the snippets of code I have added, with my additions in bold, and the output I am getting on the site. If someone can point out where I'm sure there's an obvious problem, I'd appreciate it. _init.php // Variables for regions we will populate in _main.php // Here we also assign default values for each of them. $header_image = $page->header_image; $title = $page->get('headline|title'); $content = $page->body; $sidebar = $page->sidebar; _main.php (I know I shouldn't need the two lines to output, I just split this up as part of my debugging) <body class="<?php if($sidebar) echo "has-sidebar "; ?>"> <!-- Header Image --> <div id='header_image'> <?php $header_image = "<img src='$header_image->url' alt='$header_image->description' />"; echo $header_image; ?> </div> Inspecting the home page on site output shows <body class="has-sidebar "> <!-- Header Image --> <div id="header_image"> <img src="" alt=""> </div> <!-- top navigation --> I have added a new image field called header_image to the site and added it to the "home" and "basic-page" templates, then added the field to the "home" page and populated it with an image and description. Why are the field values not being output in the final rendered site? Thanks. Russell.
  24. Hi, This looks cool and I'd like to add it to my new 2.5 site. I couldn't find any reference in this thread to 2.5, although there is mention of 2.4 and up. So, this should be OK to run on a 2.5 site? Thanks. Russell.
  25. Yeah I think you've hit the nail on the head. Being a programmer, but not a web developer or designer, I'm left with the freedom to do what I want, but the dilemma of not know how to go about it from scratch. Other CMS's give you no freedom, but a very simple ruleset to follow if you want to make canned changes within their frameworks.
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