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  1. Very cool! I just found this module and tried the demo. I am amazed how well it already works! Wow!! This could definitely be a game changer for some because it brings so much design flexibility to PW (of course the purists among us cringe inside 😅). I have been hoping for some solution like this and will definitely look into it more. Thank you for sharing!
  2. No, the caching is definitely server side.
  3. Hi. In my template I call images the standard way ($image = $event_item->page_image->size(640, 480, $options); $options are defined as well in the template, of course. Caching is enabled for the template in use. On desktop this works normally. But on mobile browsers I get strange behaviour: after changing an image on a page, the new image shows up on desktop, but not on mobile. Only after clearing cache (PageRender module) the correct image shows up...
  4. Ah... thank you. That at least takes care of the errors... not quite there, but closer... Still confused about the PW syntax ?
  5. I am trying to implement the search function from the demo into my website. I run into errors, though. My search.php template starts like this: Already at line 4 it throws an error: I am lost... What am I doing wrong? It somehow must have to do with Processwire syntax, but the code is taken directly from the demo... so why wouldn't it work?
  6. I have encountered a bug: as soon as I turn on the cache function (Processwire built-in) the maps don't load any more on Chrome. Firefox works, though. Any idea what causes this?
  7. OK... So it sets a "marker" that I can use for triggering/preventing tracking.
  8. Maybe I just missed it... But I am wondering how the tracking cookie management works. What happens if the user chooses either of the options? How does that choice interact with Google Analytics or Matomo?
  9. Thanks, johndoe. I will investigate further... :-)
  10. Here I am, once again... I noticed that repeaters won't keep their order in the backend after dragging them into a new order. They will always return to the original order in which they were created in after saving. Is that a bug or is there a setting I have missed? I seem to remember that this used to work... I am currently on 3.0.123. Help appreciated!
  11. I installed this module and it generally seems to work with PW 3.0.123. However, I am logged out of the backend every few seconds. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. Hmmm... I will look into those options! Thanks a lot! You are always very helpful.
  13. Yes and no... it's a bit more complicated I guess... I need to be able to do this manually. If there is no simple solution, I will find a workaround. Thanks for your help, though!
  14. Thanks for the ideas. I need to be able to do that in the backend. But it seems there is no simple way of doing that...
  15. Hi all, does anyone of you know if/how it is possible to add already existing pages to a pageTable field? The only possible way seems to be creating a new pageTable entry... Thanks!
  16. I found it here: https://processwire.com/docs/multi-language-support/code-i18n/#marking-strings-for-translation
  17. This topic is a bit old already... but I have the same problem. Translated a string that appears in an include file (.inc), but the translated string is not showing up for the secondary language. I tried the above, but without success... OK... I found the problem. It had nothing to do with the include file. Instead of. $this->_("xyz") as shown in the docs I only used .__("xyz"). That worked.
  18. Still trying to figure out how to stop the zoomWheelScroll behavior... There is a respective Leaflet Github issue, but I don't know how to implement that into the module ?.
  19. Yes!!! That's exactly what I needed. Thank you! I am surprised that this has not been asked before... or I just didn't find it.
  20. Hi, this seems to be an obvious question asked a million times, but somehow I can't find what I am looking for. I have a site set up with two languages. Now I simply want to link the logo to the home page. The problem is that I only manage to link to the root page (with $config->root->url), which means visitors are always sent to the default language home page, not to their native language home page. How can I change that? Any clues??
  21. Fixed it myself. It must have been a missing <html> tag in the template header ?. The browser doesn't seem to care, but the script didn't load...
  22. Hi. I have frontend editing enabled for several text fields. However when viewing pages in the frontend while logged in as superadmin the editor is not loading (the script is not loading at all). As far as I understand the editor should be loading automatically without adding edit tags in the template. The site is running on V 3.0.101. I am sure I have seen it working before but I have been searching for hours what causes this behavior... Any ideas where to check?
  23. Backend is another issue. For now I would be happy to remove the scroll in the frontend...
  24. Thank you... But even for the frontend it won't work... I tried your approach as well, but the result is the same.
  25. Hey... does anybody know how to remove the scroll wheel zoom behavior? There is an option to set scrollWheelZoom to false, but that does not do anything...
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