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  1. Hi there! I haven't used PHP and Processwire for almost four years now, but now I need a good CMS again ;-) I just found an old PW installation (2.3.0), which I would like to update to the current version. What's the best way to do this? It looks like starting from 2.5.0 there is a module which does updates automatically, so would it make sense to update to 2.5.0 and then let PW do it? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Ryan, is the 2.4 framework namespaced? This would probably solve my errors when including PW into Fuel. Also, would you mind updating the roadmap on the website?
  3. Nice start! Already like it much better than the current theme. Some things I noticed: - Everything looks nicer if you limit the container to about 1050px in my opinion - see setup/templates or setup/fields: the filter box would look nicer with some top margin and - the style when you hover the icons in the table don't fit the design at all
  4. Well, it actually is. Didn't even think of this .. So it's some Fuel classes colliding?
  5. Using your code I still get an error. Logging this: Error: Call to undefined method Modules::get() (line 102 of /var/www/virtual/fvg/html/cms/wire/core/ProcessWire.php)
  6. It will even happen when I just require it. Required it somewhere else now and got this error: Error: Cannot use object of type Config as array (line 36 of /var/www/virtual/fvg/html/system/modules/fuel/config/fuel.php)
  7. Hey guys, I want to manage some contens for a site running on CodeIgniter using PW. But as I try to access CI, I get this error: Unable to complete this request due to an error. I tried these ones, both return that error. <?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed'); require __DIR__.'/../../cms/index.php'; class Processwire extends CI_Controller { public function index() { echo '<pre>'; var_dump($wire->pages->get('/news/')); } } /* End of file suche.php */ /* Location: ./system/application/controllers/processwire.php */ <?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed'); class Processwire extends CI_Controller { private $wire = null; function __construct() { require __DIR__.'/../../cms/index.php'; $this->wire = $wire; } public function index() { echo '<pre>'; var_dump($this->wire->pages->get('/news/')); } } /* End of file suche.php */ /* Location: ./system/application/controllers/processwire.php */ Any Ideas what might cause the error? PW doesn't log anything, even with debug turned on. It it CI specific, as I can use the same code using a independent php file. Thanks
  8. FvG

    Admin Only

    Thanks! Just did something similar if ($user->isGuest()) { $session->redirect($config->urls->admin); }
  9. FvG

    Admin Only

    Hey! I'm looking for a way to make all site but /admin non-accessible. So if people try to access a site which is not /admin they should be redirected. What's the way to do it? Are there any hooks I can use to get this done? Or is .htaccess the way to go? Thanks for your help!
  10. FvG

    PW Design

    Yes. But that's not the point. I'd like to see an attractive default theme. So many people decide whether to use the system or not by "looking" at it: it's a visual process. Look at Craft: Is there anything you can do with it you couldn't easily using PW? No. But see how many attention it's getting, compared to PW. It simply offers a great visual experience, and I'm 100% sure this is a reason.
  11. Same error here, but love it! Best PW theme out there, should be improved and become default
  12. FvG

    PW Design

    Oh thanks, didn't see that
  13. Hey guys! I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of good design. Today P&T have released their Craft CMS 1.2 and .. woow! It looks good. I have tried that system as well but will stick to PW because it's the most powerful and flexible system in my opinion. But Craft just looks so much better. So, are there any plans to re-design the backend any time? I know the backend looks ok. And yes, it works. But design changes and for quite a lot of people, it's an important factor when it comes to choosing a CMS. (Please don't come up with some "they have no ideas about it then" kind of stuff) Why not stick to web design trends and update the backend from time to time? I'd like to see PW both, most powerful and best looking CMS Craft might really be a great inspiration, what do you think? And yes, re-designing might be some work. But finally it's part of the way you "sell" your product. Let PW be modern in the frontend as well
  14. Thanks for your answers! I think I like the idea of using popular packages because I do quite a lot of PHP dev using Laravel .. The current way seems pretty much convincing and right for PW. @Ryan Well, I don't know. But people love it (IoC) at the moment Two projects? You could keep it the way it is and just split it (https://help.github.com/articles/splitting-a-subpath-out-into-a-new-repo). But I don't know how you would publish just the framework
  15. Just a suggestion Even if we keep the code it would be good to Unit test the core and make the framework available on composer. Though interested in what Ryan says.
  16. Sessions, cookies, hashing, routing, HTTP handling, cache, database, IoC, logging (PSR-3 valid) and so on .. There are so many great things you could use This would also give you the way to adopt new great concepts like IoC which allow to write ways more/ better testable code.
  17. Now that 2.3 has been finished, when will you (Ryan) start developing 2.4? According to the roadmap 2.4 will port the hole system to PHP 5.3+ which I think is great. It says we'll get namespaces, PSR-0 and PSR-1 support. What exactly does it mean? Will it use Composer? I really think it should as it's the greatest asset for the future of PHP. We could keep the framework seperate so that others can use it (http://processwire.com/talk/topic/818-currentformer-textpattern-users-what-do-you-think-txp5-using-pw/). I'd also like if PW used some proved libraries from (for example) Symfony (http://symfony.com/components) or Laravel (http://github.com/illuminate). Maybe because I'd love a "Processwire on Laravel (Components) with Craft-like design" Just interested in how Ryan is going to make PW adopt 5.3, PSR + Composer will push PHP in the future and there are great libraries that are well (unit-)tested and could be used.
  18. FvG


    I like http://placehold.it/
  19. Auch ne Möglichkeit, wenn du in die Verlegenheit kommen solltest einen zu suchen bist du dort 1000mal besser aufgehoben als anderswo Genug Off-Topic jetzt
  20. Really nice! Just started (http://goo.gl/jgxXq) but hope to continue soon, have to ask the team first .. Try uberspace, they rock
  21. We're right now building a new website for school. We started about 1.5 years ago and by then there were some good CMSs out there but none seemed to fit. Concrete 5 would have been an option but the version we tried was not usable at all .. So we went for a custom solution built on CodeIgniter which right now is about 2 GB in size Using a framework right now I would go for Laravel 4, however .. Still interested in CMSs I searched the web from time to time and discovered PW on the CMSCritic page. I actually didn't want to try it for some weird reasons (don't know anymore) but the SkyScrapers demo really got me. Last week I started building our site in PW again and it's soo fun. Really, I love it. Going to ask the team on friday but I know they'll love it as well
  22. Thanks for this module! Works fine, but is there any way to have the preview images sized like inside the default images field? Some previews just turn gigantic One more question: Are there any API differences between default image field and this one? I think in that case I would just replace the default one instead of running two image filds..
  23. Thanks for your help What about my current one? function nav(Pages $pages) { $root = $pages->get('/'); echo '<li><a href="'.$root->url.'">'.$root->title.'</a></li>'; navElement($root); } function navElement(Page $site, $level = 1) { $criteria = 'parent!=/news/|/termine/'; $sites = $site->children($criteria); foreach ($sites as $site) { echo '<li><a href="'.$site->url.'">'.$site->title; if (count($site->children($criteria))) { if ($level !== 1) { echo ' »'; } echo '</a><ul>'; navElement($site, $level + 1); echo '</ul>'; } else { echo '</a>'; } echo '</li>'; } } // use nav($pages);
  24. Looks good but it seems to be pretty much the same I got and doesn't solve my problems. That filter looks good, gonna try that.
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