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Lance O.

Error: Invalid opcode 153/1/8

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I've made a copy of a site I've developed and installed it on a subdomain of the original domain. Then, I updated PW to 2.5.3, replacing the htacess file, index.php file, and wire directory. When I visit any page of the site, I receive a 500 Internal Server Error.

The error log includes the following error:

2015-03-18 12:00:14 ? http://beta.domain.com/?/ Error: Invalid opcode 153/1/8. (line 28 of /home/user/public_html/beta.domain.com/wire/modules/Session/SessionLoginThrottle/SessionLoginThrottle.module)

I've tried the methods on this page, but with no luck:


The server is using eAccelerator, if that matters. Any insight is appreciated.

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A quick Google search turned up:

"That looks like you're using an opcode cache (APC, eAccellerator, etc) that is not compatible with the version of PHP you are running. 

But probably eAccelleator, which is hopelessly out of date."

Source:  http://fuelphp.com/forums/discussion/11832/fatal-error-invalid-opcode-15318-

I would check eAccellerator config first.

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Thank you for the quick responses! It does look like eAccelerator was the issue. It has been removed and replaced with APC and all is working well!

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