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Finnish (fi-FI)


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What if we would have two branches - master and broad

Master contains all core translations and is kept up to date with current PW master branch.

Broad contains master + all site related translations (paid and 3rd party modules).

Commits to core translations are always made to master branch and then rebased into broad when merged.

Before merging commits that relate to the new PW version, tags would be added, thus making it easy to download snapshot of version specific language package. Versions wouldn't be editable but at least available.

If we want to get serious, we could also have dev branch to keep up to date with current PW dev but probably we'll do just fine without it.


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The current version covers a lot of 3.x stuff. Is there something in particular what you are missing?

Since PW3 is now released as stable, maybe it's a good time to publish another release of the pack.

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6 hours ago, MSP01 said:

Finnish translations seem to be currently located here:


This repository doesn't include third party module translations, core and core modules only.

On 5/16/2023 at 12:01 AM, lpa said:

Is there translation for the FormBuilder module anywhere, then?

We've got a relatively up-to-date FormBuilder translation package floating around. I'll give it a quick read-through, see if it needs updating, and post it somewhere (most likely the FB support forum).

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