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Site for a trial biker


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Hello PW community,

A website redone for a friend in my hometown.

after hours and hours research in the forum, struggling with the API, answers from nice and competent people I hereby present one of the things I've created with Processwire. I've seen nicer websites, but so far we're happy with the result.

Used modules:

  • Thumbnails
  • Text formatter BB code [just for fun - the smileys]
  • Page Tree Childs Reserver
  • Customn Upload names
  • VideoThumbsmodule

the whole site was originally done in another CMS, so I've used the import pages modules too....

Comments, critics, always welcome, but please be nice :-)

Thanks in advance



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Thank you cstevensjr and adrian.

About the auto playing videos [and audio], I know! There are different reasons NOT to play them automatically, however we've discussed this and for now we've opted for auto-play since this is a niche market and the visitors in generally want to 'see' something. That said, could be in a few weeks/months it will change and your remark is certainly valid!

 - V

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My one nit to pick if I may: I think your main logo is too small in relation to other content on your site. Your corporate image links in the footer are larger than the the main logo on the top left corner of the site...

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Of course you may...

Actually that never crossed my mind... Originally the three top logo's were smaller, but since those are his main sponsors the site owner wanted them bigger... So far the main logo is pretty much in relation to the menu [well IMHO], and although the whole site is 'more or less' responsive, it's not 100% ideal. Anyway, something to think about and to present... 

Thank you for pointing that out PhotoWebMax.

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