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Jonathan Dart

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We just launched a new PW 2.4 site: mbci.mb.ca, this is another responsive (bootstrap) site built using my module Spex

The homepage is one of our first attempts at what we internally call "long scrollies", we used the jquery plugin waypoints to accomplish the effect that can be seen there. Using waypoints has really opened up a new realm of possibilities, especially when combined with stellar.js to create parallax effects.

Other than the long scrolly homepage, in terms of neat features there's a filterable ajax calendar page using the fullcalendar library: http://mbci.mb.ca/events/

There's also a matching Magento for taking applications to the school where we used an extension called Dynamic Product Options from the unfortunately named company Itoris, that was pretty neat.

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I like the general look of this one, except that for some reason this site makes me want to zoom to about 50%.. but that's a matter of opinion, really :)

Some of the images on home page flicker a lot when the page is scrolled. Just saying -- apart from that little glitch everything feels nice and transitions really bring some details to life.

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Nice work! I'm not having the flicker issues Teppo mentioned here, it might be a browser issue?

In taking a quick look around, the only thing I noticed is on some of the inner pages the red block headers repeat a lot.

It starts to get tiring on the eyes pretty quick to read white on red, and makes some of the denser pages a tad overwhelming visually.

Perhaps finding a way to pull back in some areas? 

2 second modification via the inspector to illustrate:


I made the headers in the middle grayscale instead of red.

Gray may not be the right choice — but you get the idea. 

Just my opinion of course. :)

I really like the site overall.

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For the record, that flickering only seems to happen on Chrome (Mac, don't have a Windows machine at hand to test on). Attached screenshot shows what's happening; for some reason images only become visible at the last possible moment.


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I like it, it has a nice UX feel when scrolling with the mouse. FYI, took it for a spin on my Windows machine to see if I could find the flicker Teppo's seeing but couldn't get it to reproduce in FF or Chrome.

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Nice site and I like the overall look. The idea with the whole menu through the menu button is neat.

I'm having the same problems as teppo While scrolling, images pop up randomly or are loaded after I've scrolled past them. Using Chrome on a Mac (the one with a retina display, maybe the Javascript reads a wrong value from display height?)

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