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Looking for longterm business partnership with PW / PHP Developer


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I am looking for an experienced PW / PHP Developer for a longterm business partnership.

I would prefer if you speck (ment speak) german, but english is ok as well.

There is one main Project open but others to come.

Please PM me if interested. 

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I have to refresh that subject!

I am looking for a long term business relation to a freelance php/pw developer starting next early year.

After 10 years of cooperation, my long term freelance developer is now employed. For this reason I'm in need for a partner as php/pw Developer.

I have several medium to big projects coming up. There are also some big projects, in which I need help from a qualified php developer.

Please drop me a line, if interested to work together with me! More details in a private chat.

Thanks a lot!

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