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The admin cannot be reached in new installation


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Hi guys, I have just finished installing my first ProcessWire site. The site works, however, when I click the links at the end of the installation, they take me to a place like this:


While the actualy path should be:


Also, I cannot reach the admin, these paths don't work:



I get this message in the attachment.

I hope someone knows what I did wrong, or if there is an error in the latest install.

I'm using Mac OSX Mavericks with Apache and MySQL running and ProcessWire 2.x (would be the latest one I guess).

- Marinus


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Hi and welcome to PW. I noticed you are using ~user directory and also installing PW in a subdirectory. On the .htaccess file that comes with PW, look for these lines, and add the last one:

# RewriteBase /
# RewriteBase /pw/
# RewriteBase /~user/
RewriteBase /~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/
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Great! One step further, however, when I try to access:


After changing the .htaccess it now gives a 404.

I have never had any trouble with any other application :D So I must be overlooking something. With the /wire/ dir it gives a 403.

I would swear that the link http://localhost/~marinusdebeer/portfolio1/processwire/ would open the admin, right?

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That's correct that the /wire/ directory should give you a 403, since the .htaccess is protecting it (it's a feature). That also means that the .htaccess is working. But don't yet know if Apache Rewrite engine is working (it sounds like it isn't). First off, are you sure that you named your admin /processwire/ ? The last step in the installer lets you choose what you want it to be named, so just double check that's what you named it (chances are it is, since /processwire/ is the default). Next, edit your /.htaccess file and add "RewriteEngine On" at the very top of the file. Then try to load any page in your browser. If you get a 500 error, that means your Apache installation does not have Apache's rewrite engine enabled. From that point, you could figure out how to enable it in your Apache settings (httpd.conf), but I'd honestly recommend just installing MAMP. The web server software that Apple distributes with OS X is really not configured consistently with how most web hosting situations would be, whereas MAMP very similar to a typical web hosting server. I never even bother with the OS X AMP setup, and always go straight to MAMP. It's free and it takes about 1 minute to install and be up and running. 

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Hi thanks for your reply, I have run the OSX server on many computers for years on end, and have always enjoyed it to the max. However, I will try a fresh new installation to see if there is something wrong in the previous one.

I have really no problems with any of the CMS systems I'm running at the moment, and I do have the rewrite engine enabled..

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Just a follow-up (sorry for necroing a thread):

I have managed to fix everything using this guide:


At the time this thread was created, the above guide didn't exist yet.

Very happy that I don't have to use MAMP, much more elegant to use the Mac's insides ;)

So, finally, I can run Processwire!!!

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