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Newbie overwhelmed...


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What any newbie should do first is learn Drupal.

After 2 years of:

  • awful theming, i.e. $element['#object']->field_video_embed['und'][0]['value'] instead of $page->field_video_embed
  • searching through 500 line arrays to find out what module is injecting a certain markup in your code
  • writing huge css files to deal with the divs nested within divs nested within divs nested within divs
  • figuring out how to add a meta tag to your <head> using an API and an array
  • getting carpal tunnel syndrome from constantly clearing the cache because Drupal is such a hog, everything has to be cached
  • learning the Views module, a point and click interface that is 3X more annoying and difficult than learning and using straight SQL
  • find a good host that is beefy enough to deal with the Drupal and has advanced caching capability
After that, PW will be a walk in the park.

Haha!  Yea they do that then complain how slow the site is, and how cluttered it is.  And once they touch PW it will be like what was I complaining about again? 

Again - I am just as much of a hatchling as you are Gray - After only discovering it the other day!  Coming from doing a bit of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, MODX, and now looking into PW (Which I don't think I will be disbanding at all and start using for future projects).  I can say that I like the flexibiity that PW offers.  Granted I can see I have a learning curve ahead of me - but I'm gonna hammer it and us lil hatchlings gotta stick together and get through this.  :)   

Hang in there!  

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To all of you who are new to ProcessWire...

1. Welcome. :)

2. Ask lots of questions, the community here is friendly and very willing to assist.

3. Just start building something—the learning curve isn't nearly as steep as you might think.

4. It's worth it. Once it starts to click you'll never look back.

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  • 2 months later...
Dear all,

I started with PW a few weeks ago, and found myself in the same situation as the OP of this thread. The forum contains many useful information and advices, however it's just not easy to search for everything, especially when I don't have the big picture yet. There are simply too much information and one doesn't know where to start.

I wonder if it makes sense to have a huge wiki page containing questions, divided into logical sessions. The answer for each question would be either a very brief sentence as a hint, or an URL to a relevant post in the forum or wiki. I can imagine myself finding this "map" useful, just like when I enter a huge mall for the first time and need some orientation before I start exploring. It could help the communication between new comers like me and the experts who are willing to help but are tired by the same trivial questions repeated all the time.

For example, one question/answer could be:

Q. I installed PQ and played a bit with the basic profile, now how I can make the next steps?

A. Read thread http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3215-newbie-overwhelmed/, especially the answer by Ryan.


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Hi Tony, with pw, you found a cms that is going to save you a lot of time and headaches compared to the other cms'es out there.

I suggested not so long ago a channel in community support specially for newbies with pinned topics answering the same questions that are repeated by each newbie entering the forum. I still hope that Ryan will open such a newbie channel in this forum.

Lots of good posts answering newbie questions are now spread over the forum. Each time one of us bumps into such a post, remembers or knows such a post, he could copy it over to the newbie channel. I think this idea rocks.






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I really like this thread and what all you people are commenting.

First, because I find more "newbies" like me, with similar difficulties but eager to learn.

I love the support and dedication that experienced PWirers offer.

And finally, i find that PW has kind of a "scalable learning curve", I mean actually I don´t fully understand it or some of the profiles of course... but i can do so many things and perform a lot of functionality with something as "simple" as: $page->get("name=123") echo "...  or using the Related Pages Field. Uau! amazing, directly in the CMS, no need to add custom fields + plugin + then style it (where this class come from?!important) or something like that.

I come from another CMS where I was for me so difficult to relate data, and i think that this is one of the main features a CMS should offer.

So I settle here, and hope to reach far. Thanks  :rolleyes:

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