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"Turn your computer into an AI machine"


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Hello Ivan,

Not yet. But unlike other interesting things that I haven't tried yet, I wanted to post the link anyway.

I'll try it on another computer than my main one, on an old laptop or desktop, first with the "Mistral" model I think.
A few GBs are needed if I remember correctly.

During a few seconds I thought about the AIs taking control of our computers without asking permission in the future...

They could also help to protect them.

But let's not forget data poisoning.

Have a nice week Ivan!
Have a nice week also @szabesz!

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I tried jan,

it is interesting, because it allows you to use different LLM (also the OpenAI ones). I use Mistral Instruction 7B Q4 for this:



(The code blocks have a copy to clipboard button on hover, so you get it fast to an editor of your choice... )

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