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Each method for a single element


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I like the syntax expressed on the ProcessWire homepage:

echo $pages->get('/')->children->each('<li><a href={url}>{title}</a>');

where html tags are generated only if the selector returns results.
In contrast to such a code:

<li><a href="<?= $page->httpUrl ?>"><?= $page->title ?></a></li>

where the external tags are generated anyway.
I read that `each` works for WireArrays, is there a method applicable to only one element? for example:

echo $pages->get(10)->someMethod('<li><a href={url}>{title}</a>');


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Template Engines have helpers for that very common use case. For example when using RockFrontend + Latte you can take your statement

On 7/16/2023 at 5:06 PM, Manaus said:
<li><a href="<?= $page->httpUrl ?>"><?= $page->title ?></a></li>

and simply add "n:ifcontent" to only output the whole li-tag if it contains content, meaning it will only be output if $page->title contains something:

<li n:ifcontent><a href="<?= $page->httpUrl ?>"><?= $page->title ?></a></li>

Additional to that you also have other helpers, like n:tag-if that refers not to the whole markup but only to the specific tag you put it on. That's very handy when rendering menus and some items should be linked and others should not be:

<li n:foreach="$page->children() as $item">
  <a href="..." n:tag-if="$item->viewable()">

Which will output something like this:

<li><a href="...">Viewable page</a></li>
<li>Non-viewable page</li>
<li><a href="...">Other viewable page</a></li>


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