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Retrieve orders for a logged in user


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Hi @alexm,

2 hours ago, alexm said:

Is there any info on field names for grabbing details from orders yet? I think it's not in the docs and is TBD.

Yeah, sorry, not yet in the docs.

2 hours ago, alexm said:

I'd like to output stuff like total, items, shipping type and payment type basically on a customer dashboard

The code below can get you started. It finds all orders of the logged in user.


namespace ProcessWire;

/** @var PageArray $customerOrders */
$customerOrders = $padloper->find("template=order, order_customer.userID={$user}");
// $customerOrders = $padloper->find("template=order, order_customer.user_id={$user}");
// $customerOrders = $padloper->find("template=order, order_customer.userID={$user->id}");
// $customerOrders = $padloper->find("template=order, order_customer.user_id={$user->id}");

You can also use $padloper->findRaw() if you will be expecting lots of orders per customer.

Order totals , shipping and payment info will be on the order themselves. Items are the children of the order pages. Line items info will be at the line items level.

Let me know if you need more info.



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