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Weekly update – 9 September 2022


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This last week my wife and daughter took a trip to NYC and it was my daughter's first time there. I was browsing around online looking at things they could do and so I visited the Guggenheim museum website to look into that option... I've always been a fan of the building, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. In addition to New York, I learned from the website that Guggenheim also has museums in Abu Dhabi, Bilbao and Venice, so I clicked through to view them as well. I really liked the Venice Guggenheim website, which had a much nicer website than the other locations. It was such a nice site that I was curious what they were running, so I viewed the source and... not WordPress (like the others), but ProcessWire. What a nice surprise. Then I was curious about who made such a nice site and there was a credits link in the bottom right corner that says the site was made by basili.co, nice work! It's always fun to come across a ProcessWire powered website randomly like that, and I thought you all would enjoy this one too. 

This week there are fairly minor updates on the core dev branch. Though the updates include one I've been meaning to do for a long time: improve the API for processing Inputfield forms. Previously there's been no way to check if a form is submitted, short of checking an $input variable yourself. Today I committed an update that adds a $form->isSubmitted() method that solves that, and more. It can identify which form was submitted, which submit button was used, and it also performs additional checks to make sure it's a valid submission before deciding that it's a form worth processing. It improves reliability, accuracy and security. Next week I'll be updating several of the admin forms to use it, among other updates. A few other useful helper methods were added to the Inputfield forms API as well. I realize that these updates may only be of interest to module authors, but I like keep you up-to-date with the week's updates either way. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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I'd be very interested in some details and explanations on this ?  I've been working with forms quite a bit and sometimes things where a little unclear to be honest. For example sometimes I had to do a $this->trackChange('value') to make my inputfield module save anything. While I found a way to make it work it would be nice to better understand the inner workings of the whole process ? 

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