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Print/Email Invoice throws Error


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Hi @gs-df,

I recently noticed this when testing another user's install and came up with a fix. My plan was to release the fix alongside other incoming features. I hope to do so by tomorrow. 

2 hours ago, gs-df said:

Any ideas?

Yes. Actually, just slopping coding on my part ?. What was happening in the other user's case, and I suspect it is the same situation in your case, is that Padloper was installed but the downloads feature was not selected for install. Hence, the table padloper_download_codes is not available. However, when you try to print or email an invoice, Padloper is also attempting to fetch downloads for that order, if any are available. It checks the table padloper_download_codes but there is no such table, hence SQL throws the error. 

I'll let you know when the updated files have been uploaded. You will then be able to re-download Padloper using the link that was sent to you after your purchase. After that, it is just a case of overwriting your existing install with the new files.


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Hi @Spinbox,

2 hours ago, Spinbox said:

I still have this problem (on 004) whenever I return from a paypal payment to confirmation in PadloperProcessOrder.php:2090;

Apologies for that and thanks for reporting. Fixed (but retained version 004). Please download again and try.


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