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  1. I would like to add extra fields to the customer form fields next to the default ones specified in https://docs.kongondo.com/start/checkout/custom-customer-form.html while checking out. In this particular instance I would like to add a checkbox for newsletter signup, which I would like to process after submitting or on next page of checkout. I've tried to add a field to custom_form_fields, however I don't seem to get the desired value (from $padloper->getOrderCustomer()). Is this possible and how would I handle this?
  2. Thank you very much! I have been using ProcessWire for quite a bit so I should have known. I have enabled access for padloper template and it's children and it works.
  3. I have a user with the padloper-shop permission, which can add products and more (only by title) but can't edit any of them. Any idea @kongondo ?
  4. Do you have a eta for this feature? 🤗
  5. Found out, I had a typo in renderViewURL (no caps URL). Nice to have those debug messages present 😉
  6. Hi @kongondo, I have followed the guideline how to set up an addon for Padloper. The file is located in /site/templates/padloper/addons/CSVImporter/CSVImporter.php with classname CSVImporter It has the required methods. Any idea how to get this to be detected?
  7. Asked this question privately to Bernhard, his reaction included I have been digging into RockMigrations and I'm trying to learn the workflow. I have the following MagicPage. <?php namespace ProcessWire; use RockMigrations\MagicPage; class ProjectPage extends Page { use MagicPage; public function migrate(): void { $rm = modules('RockMigrations'); $rm->migrate([ 'fields' => [ 'project_short_description' => [ 'type' => 'FieldtypeTextarea', 'label' => 'Beschrijving', 'notes' => 'Korte beschrijving zichtbaar op andere pagina\'s', 'rows' => 5, 'columnWidth' => 50, 'icon' => 'align-left', 'description' => '', 'inputfieldClass' => '', 'contentType' => 1, ], 'project_description' => [ 'type' => 'FieldtypeTextarea', 'label' => 'Inleidende beschrijving', 'rows' => 5, 'columnWidth' => 50, 'icon' => 'align-left', 'description' => '', 'inputfieldClass' => '', 'contentType' => 1, ], 'project_client' => [ 'name' => 'project_client', 'label' => 'Opdrachtgever', 'type' => 'FieldtypeText', ], 'project_subtitle' => [ 'label' => 'Subtitel', 'type' => 'FieldtypeTextarea', 'rows' => 2, ], 'project_state' => [ 'label' => 'Status', 'type' => 'FieldtypeSelect', 'select_options' => '1:=In voorbereiding 2:=In uitvoering 3:=Gerealiseerd', 'columnWidth' => 33.33334, ], 'project_number' => [ 'label' => 'Aantallen', 'type' => 'FieldtypeText', 'columnWidth' => 33.33334, ], 'project_partners' => [ 'label' => 'Partners', 'type' => 'FieldtypeText', 'columnWidth' => 33.33334, ], ], 'templates' => [ 'project' => [ 'fields' => [ 'title', 'project_short_description', 'project_description', 'project_client', 'project_subtitle', 'project_state', 'project_number', 'project_partners', ] ], ] ]); } } I have removed all the fields and templates that are in this migration. I was expecting the migration to execute when updating the migration inside the MagicPage and create all the fields and the template. This however works only if I add to migrate.php: $rm->migrate(['templates' => ['project']]); Is it possible to trigger the RM via MagicPage only? Or is this by design (Now that I think about it I can imagine you may want to have the MagicPage file in your project but not let it trigger)? ------ @bernhard's reply: ------- I have tested this, but in the case I have not created a 'project'-template yet, this will not trigger. I believe the Custom Page Class will only be triggered if you actually have a template with that name. As soon as I create a project template the migrate will trigger (which is fine for me).
  8. Great! Was about to dig into RockMigrations tomorrow. So happy to see you so active! Thanks a lot!
  9. Apache/2.4.53 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1n PHP/8.1.6 ProcessWire 3.0.200 Padloper 0.0.5
  10. Noticed a typo @PadloperProcessRenderInstaller.php:228 'id' => "padloper_is_complate_removal", 'name' => 'padloper_is_complate_removal', Didn't resolve though
  11. I have not, other than deleting some orders. I can currently only give access to the website (with adminer enabled) itself. (It's locally hosted but open to the internet)
  12. Using the shop/complete-removal I'm getting a Error encountered. No action was taken. Not sure how to debug (tracy not showing anything)
  13. Would uninstalling and installing padloper clear all padloper orders/products/settings? If not, what would be the cleanest way?
  14. A short explanation would help anybody not familiar with the concept Great stuff, this helps a lot ? Easy to understand and definitely going to start using it.
  15. Thank you ? You thought about a place for bugfixes? Or is it ok to post them in this forum for now? One more; I was cleaning up some testorders. Deleting (not trashing) an order from /admin/shop/orders/ won't work because of existing children (orderLineItems).
  16. It's probably me but I have a hard time to understand everything from the readme. I'm not sure how to start converting from the 'standard' way of adding stuff via admin interface to rockmigrations. Perhaps a simple workflow from adding a template with fields to actually pushing it to production? Things to consider when using rockmigrations.
  17. Updating inventory from within inventorypage results in clearing both price and compare price of a productvariant. (004)
  18. Awesome ? I'm looking forward for a video about RockMigrations!
  19. Thanks for your fast reply. I can imagine it would be nice for the shopowner to be able to change the order from within the editor. For example when he wants a variant to be in front of the others regardless of sorting from my end. I don't think it's a must however.
  20. @kongondo I have existing variants but would like to change the order. I know I can change it myself in the front-end but I would prefer it for some variants to be changed in the back-end. Is this possible from within the shop (regenerating variants does not help)?
  21. Hi @kongondo, I still have this problem (on 004) whenever I return from a paypal payment to confirmation in PadloperProcessOrder.php:2090; $this->padloper->createDownloadCodesForOrder($order, $orderLineItems);
  22. Hi Alex, Had the same problem, seems like the padloper input names have changed. They are now camelcase. The specific problem comes from shippingAddressCountry. It can't find the country. $customFormFields = [ // first name [ // the name of the input of the custom form 'input_name' => 'firstName', // the input type (for sanitization) // @todo: @note: for selects and checkbox, use the expected value type 'type' => 'text', // if field/input is required 'required' => true ], // last name [ 'input_name' => 'lastName', 'type' => 'text', 'required' => true ], // email [ 'input_name' => 'email', 'type' => 'email', 'required' => true ], // address line one [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressLineOne', 'type' => 'text', 'required' => true ], // address line two [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressLineTwo', 'type' => 'text', ], // city/town [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressCity', 'type' => 'text', 'required' => true ], // postcode [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressPostalCode', 'type' => 'text', 'required' => true ], // country [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressCountry', // @note: country ID, hence integer! 'type' => 'integer', 'required' => true ], // region/state/province [ 'input_name' => 'shippingAddressRegion', 'type' => 'text' ], // ------------------------ // SPECIAL (NON-ALIASED) // PAYMENT TYPE/CLASS // @todo: @note: name might change! [ 'input_name' => 'padloper_order_payment_id', 'type' => 'integer', 'required' => true ], ];
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