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New post: starting a site with the blank profile (10 June 2022)


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When we released ProcessWire 3.0.200 one of the biggest differences from prior master/main versions was that PW now only includes 1 profile: the site-blank profile. This means there's probably going to be more people starting with it than before. Yet it is so minimal that I thought it deserved a bit of a walkthrough in how you take it from nearly-nothing to something you can start to build a site around. Everyone will have a little bit different approach here, which is one reason why the blank profile is a useful starting point. In this new post, here are some steps you might take when starting a new site with the blank profile—


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15 hours ago, horst said:

I really want to read a part two, (and maybe three?).

Part two with "Adding in relevant 3rd party or Pro modules" would certainly help newcomers as well, in addition to "Optimizing settings in /site/config.php".

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