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Weekly update – 18 March 2022


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This week's commits are primarily focused on resolving reported issues (via GitHub issue reports). While that doesn't make for exciting reading here, it's an important part of working towards our next master version. Though I am working on various other projects including client websites running in ProcessWire, ongoing updates to Pro modules and development of other ProcessWire modules. One module I've been working on this week (and last week) enables you to export translations for multi-language fields into JSON or CSV files. These files can be read into other translation systems, edited, and then imported back into ProcessWire. So if you need all the content for a site translated from one language into another, it provides a very convenient means of doing so. More details on that one soon. That's all for today but stay tuned and thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. 

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Great news!

I've been trying to import data to and from services like Weblate and Crowdin several times to establish a collaborative effort to PW core and main modules translations. I've spent quite some time to make it work, I did communicate with these services' support, but couldn't make it easy with the current PW translations exports. Hope, that this module will make this task possible to complete.

I wish we could somehow support the continuous type of translation workflow, but not sure it is possible without some intermediate steps, as translation files are not in the repo. Mentioning it here just in case)

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