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Text Tags Ajax Question


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I haven't actually used ProcessWire for a while as I've been using Webflow to build websites recently. I am actually looking at doing my own version of Udesly that interfaces with Webflow, so people can export from Webflow to make ProcessWire themes... Anyway. 

I was wondering why the example of Text Tags uses:

$wire->addHook("/find-field_options/", function($e) { 
  $q = $e->input->get("q", "text,selectorValue");
  if(strlen($q) < 3) return []; 
  return array_values($e->pages->findRaw("parent=/tags/, title%=$q, field=title"));

I thought the correct way of using findRaw is:

$e->pages->findRaw("parent=/tags/, title%=$q", "title")


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@Tom - I think the field=title within the quotes selector, vs having the list of fields in a separate quoted group is optional either way. The "array_values" is needed because the text tags needs the array to be indexed numerically starting at zero, rather than the page IDs which findRaw() returns.

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