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\n in string dumps


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Hi @adrian

I'm doing some more complex RockFinder operations and need to work with the dumped SQL statement. I have the dumpSQL() method for that, but since one of the last updates the newlines show up in that output:


That makes it hard to copy the statement to mariadb and work on it there. Do you know how I can get rid of those \n characters?



Edit: I've now this quickfix in place:

   * Dump SQL of current finder to console (supports chaining)
   * @return RockFinder3
  public function dumpSQL() {
    return $this;


Not sure if there is a better solution?

PPS: That is really annoying... whenever I'm doing bd($sql) I get the newline characters in my dump... ? I think they CAN be nice to have, but often they are totally useless and annoying. Maybe an option would be nice? Or is there already one?

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Thx @adrian I've already done that, but instead of


I'd have to use


now ? See examples:

Nicely formatted, but having \n:


No \n but a pain to read:


Nice format but hard to dump:


Maybe I've found a CSS solution:

.tracy-dump-string i {
    -webkit-touch-callout: none;
    -webkit-user-select: none;
    -khtml-user-select: none;
    -moz-user-select: none;
    -ms-user-select: none;
    user-select: none;

This prevents all <i> tags in the dump from being copied (at least on my chrome). Should we add that to the tracydebugger style?


I've opened an issue at nette: https://github.com/nette/tracy/issues/458

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@bernhard - that css always works for me. I see that you just started an issue with the Tracy core which is great, but I can also just add that locally to the css that I package with the module. Seems like a good solution me although I am still unsure how much benefit actually showing the \n is in the first place. Note that the code for adding these, is all here:


If there are strong opinions on this, I could potentially hack this file to remove these things, or it might be possible to convert back again in the module's code.

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Yeah, I think they are quite confusing. But I think they can also be very helpful in some situations...


I'm also not sure about the padding on the left... Is that a core thing?

28 minutes ago, adrian said:

I could potentially hack this file to remove these things, or it might be possible to convert back again in the module's code.

The easiest would be a display:none on the <i> tags. But I'm really not sure if we should do that. It adds a lot of clarity to the dump (as one can see in the screenshot above).

Maybe something like this?


Not sure how to deal with it in the debug bar though ? 

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Just now, bernhard said:

Yeah thanks. I am already using his latest release (with that fix) here. I'll commit the changes sometime soon. I just need to spend a bit of time revisiting the changes I made for Pete, and also revisit everyone's suggestions for improving the settings page, and also Robin's "Shortcuts" panel idea. I'll probably commit all these things together - maybe on the weekend or early next week.

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