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Hello, I read this page about many php frameworks. 

I'd like to understand if it's useful to install one, to have a well functioning and secure free user login/registration module, since the one provided in the free modules folder of the site, has some problems, it hasn't been updated for years and it's not as secure as the one sold in the site for 150 dollars. Also I would like to understand if through a php framework I could easily install chat rooms on a processwire site.
I'm not a php expert but I could learn something, not much!
What do you recommend?

I have already installed buddypress and elgg in two different subdomains to try them... The login/registration module works perfectly, but maybe it's too heavy...
I was also looking for a shopping cart!


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Hello, some random thoughts, hoping that they will help you.

9 hours ago, franciccio-ITALIANO said:

I was also looking for a shopping cart!

If you can wait, then wait for Padloper 2. I cannot tell you how much waiting it means but think of months, I guess.

9 hours ago, franciccio-ITALIANO said:

I'd like to understand if it's useful to install one

I would not recommend trying to merge them with ProcessWire if you are thinking of doing it. Also, if you are not a PHP expert (just yet...) then if you decide to use any of those to build complex sites, well, then after you have implemented a few of them based on such frameworks you will definitely become a PHP expert. But doing so will take a few years for sure.

If you want quick results with ProcessWire, I would recommend Ryan's modules. He also provides invaluable help for his customers.

As for Buddypress and such, there is no clear winner to recommend for using it along with ProcessWire. However, if you purchase LoginRegisterPro, you can ask Ryan about help and tips on how to integrate something like that into a PW site, if you need such a thing.

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ok thanks, actually I was looking for absolutely free solutions as I'm unemployed and the site is just a hobby, so I think prestashop or buddypress might be ok.
Actually, cmq I would have preferred solutions entirely processwire. If this is not possible, I think I'll move towards an easy framework, just to try and see what I could do on my own.
We'll see... thanks for the opinion!

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I see. In that case if you want to learn a PHP framework then depending on your needs I would recommend:

  • Codeigniter 4. Pros: if you are seeking something easy to learn. Small file base. Cons: when looking for a job opportunity, you are less likely to find one needing Codeigniter 4 knowledge. You need to implement your own Login/Registration, even an admin interface must be "built", eg: https://github.com/PemaRekdenDorjee/ci_admin
  • Symfony: Pros: probably the framework used by most "professionals", so job opportunities are abundant when you reach that level. Also, it is reusable PHP components based, so those parts of the system you do not need must not be downloaded/used. PrestaShop core developers already started to refactor PrestaShop by using Symfony. Cons: you get sort of "bare-bone" components and you need to implement your own Login/Registration, for example, even an admin interface must be "built".
  • Laravel: Pros: also widely used but not as part of other frameworks, instead, mostly as the bases of custom sites/applications. It this sense it is "similar" to ProcessWire. You can also find ecommerce, admin, forum and other open source "addon-on solutions" for it. Cons: huge(!) file base, for a small site – for example – it is big overkill to use Laravel, see: https://www.google.com/search?q=Laravel+is+huge 
  • CakePHP: Pros: relaitively speaking it is not based on a lot of files, but with 30k+ files it is not "slim". Easy to learn and in this sense similar to Codeigniter. Cons: a bit of a system of the past.
  • Yii: Pros: widely used framework  by "professionals", good for job opportunity seeking. You can find admin/ecoomerce extensions for it, or ecommerce systems are based on it. Cons: file base is not small, though it is usually smaller than Laravel.

The others: you can also investigate them, similar to what I did above.

As for PrestaShop: it is probably the most versatile PHP based ecommerce solution out there, but it takes a lot of effort to learn it, especially if you want to implement modules for it. Basic module development is easy tough, but the hard thing comes when you need to study the internals of this complex system which is being rewritten, so you need to keep up with all the changes, too. Cons of PrestaShop: some things like displaying prices on the frontend cannot be customized enough. If you are lucky it suits your needs, if you are not, then you cannot set it up the way you want. Similar issues are present in other areas of PrestaShop. While it is highly configurable, it is easy to find that there is no way to configure things the way you require. Also, instead of "hooks", it provides overrides to customize the inner workings, which is a limited method compared to a system with a well defined hooking system.

The very best thing about ProcessWire is that what you have learned about it years ago can still be used almost 100% today. This cannot be said about most PHP framwworks out there, includnig the ones I picked above.

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