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List of child pages not shown on language URL page


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Hello everybody,

on a multilanguage job website I am using the following code to show up a list of job offers. 

The site structure is as follows:

- stellenangebote/
-- stellenangebote/stellenangebote_de/     
--- jobs as child pages

The jobs are located under /stellenangebote/stellenangebote_de/ as child pages and I want to show them up on /stellenangebote/ with the following template code:

$stellenanzeigen = $pages->get("/stellenangebote/stellenangebote_de/");

foreach($stellenanzeigen->children('stellenanzeige_kategorie=1') as $child) { ?>
	<h3 class="uk-text-primary"><?php echo $child->title ?></h3>
<?php } ?>

This works fine for the default language (german) on /stellenangebote/ but its does not work on the french url version of this page /fr/offres-demplois/ . 

I have no idea whats wrong - has anybody an idea?

Cheers Christian

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Hello again,

a very nice guy sent me a pm with some suggestions and of of them worked:


Perhaps one or two of your pages in the "/stellenangebote/stellenangebote_de/" path are not activated for french? Perhaps it's needed?

 And it wasn`t activated but needed... So it works fine now! Merci encore pour tout, C.!

Kind regards Christian

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