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Aaron Copland


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I must add my congratulations on a really great site - both the look and feel of the front end and the careful design and ui of the back end. I particularly like the rich content of the site and the dashboards. Complexity made artfully simple!

I’m scratching my head about one thing, though. There seem to be a number of situations where many-many relationships exist (e.g. works - events). How did you implement that? I don’t see any use of the ConnectPageFields module. 

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@MarkE -

The events just have a page field multiple where you select the works being performed. Some events come in through Boosey and those have a reference ID we store so those are auto assigned.

Works pages just have a section that searches for upcoming events and outputs them. But there are a ton of other ways that works are connected to each other, using versions, members and custom taxonomies that focus the relationships that are specified...

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