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Newbie question: How I can load image(s) from another template blog-post

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Hi there,

sorry for asking such a dump newbie question. I am trying to create a really simple minimal blog. How I can load image(s) from a template blog-post in my home.php? I am able to print fields e.g. titles, body, however images won't show up. Also image scaling doesn't work. The Field: images is set to "array if items".

I really appreciate any reply.

  	<!-- /.Load image from blog-blog template  -->
  	<?php $blogposts = $pages->find("template=blog-post");
    	foreach($blogposts as $blogpost){
      	$blogimages = $blogpost->images;
      	$imgthumb = $blogimages->size(500, 300); 	
        echo "<img src='{$imgthumb->url}' alt='{$imgthumb->description}'>";
      	echo "<h2><a href='{$blogpost->url}' >{$blogpost->title}</a></h2>";
        echo "<p>{$blogpost->body}</p>";
        echo "<br>";


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I think the main issue here is like you say, they images field is an array, so you have to grab the image you need (for example, the first one):

$blogimages = $blogpost->images;
$imgthumb = $blogimages->first()->size(500, 300); 	

Double check your images field is actually showing up as an array.

Best of luck!

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Thanks for your super-fast reply. Indeed, adding first() will show the blogpost image. This is exactly I was looking for. Perfect!

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