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Preview: Restaurant (PWB Restaurant)

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In the last few weeks... or almost months... I worked on a project for a restaurant.
Sad to say that the company behind the restaurant went out of business before the project could be finished - or was paid or the website ever saw the light of day.

As there is kind of a lot of work in it... but yet a lot of customization... I decided to create a site profile of it and make it public as ProcessWire Barebone Site Profile.

Right now I'm stripping out every client detail and finish some functions and details that were planned a few weeks back so you can build right on top of it, if you like or want. Maybe it's only a playground for someone or an inspiration for how to f**k up data-mangement... but hey... better than a ZIP file on a backup drive. 😎

As the project was and is super tailor-made to that client, it may not work for a lot of restaurants out there, but nonetheless I don't want miss the opportunity to offer a foundation for upcoming restaurant projects you may face.

The project had a huge focus on dishes, beer and wine variations so those templates are kind of feature-rich. You might want to rip out some of it as most restaurants don't focus that much on those details.





Important details I want to be honest and clear about:

  • this profile does NOT include a highly polished and usable frontend as the design is paid and therefore can't be made public
  • the frontend will be a collection of re-usable snippets to show every possible detail of each page, item and whatever
  • the whole site profile will be without any support - future updates aren't planned right now
  • the site profile will be released in single-language setup only (english)
  • existing translations (as seen in parts of the screenshots) will be changed to english
  • existing data, for example dishes, will be replaced with demo content
  • if you, one of your clients or anyone else wants to use this profile - feel free to do so
  • Pro Modules were already stripped out of it
  • only public modules were used and are included with the profile itself
  • the full module list will soon be published on Github
  • the full README will soon be published on Github
  • the full LICENSE will soon be published on Github

So... yes... that's just a short preview of an upcoming site profile.

As mentioned before, the site profile will most likely never ever receive any future updates, so it will be available on Github only. It's not planned to publish this as a full featured site profile, yet.

More details, screenshots and the site profile itself (of course) will be available soon.


Questions? Please feel free to ask.

Github Repository: https://github.com/webmanufaktur/pwbrestaurant

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Nothing is shared yet but will (hopefully) come very soon. Some insights can already be seen over at github.

The client itself still exists but that business alliance for restaurants (my client, a friend of him and a 3rd party) didn't match that well so they stopped it almost right after the start.

Let's see if it will be a cool profile. As stated above it's almost only data management with some nice additions. There will be no frontend that tries to be a theme or anything like that.

Nonetheless... sharing seems to be the best option here. Or at least a nice option.

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