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Hi all guys,

I have pages son of a Page, all with same template.

In this template I have so many fields. I want to check if there are pages with the same value of 1 of this 3 fields (a, b, c) and if yes delete one of this.
The main intent is to remove all duplicates pages checking by fields.

Anyone can suggest me a way?




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/* single out with selectors the pages you want to target */
$pageArray = $pages->findMany('template=name_of_template, field_name=value);

/* iterate through the selected pages and do something to each of them */

foreach($pageArray AS $key => $myPage) {

	/* Do something with the page */



Also check out the documentation for Selectors.
They are very powerfull and usefull.


Also check out the API docs for $page

And $pages

The API docs are my first stop when i am trying to figure out to do something in PW.

Good luck.


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