$pages API variable / Pages class

Enables loading and manipulation of Page objects, to and from the database.

Click any linked item for full usage details and examples. Hookable methods are indicated with the icon. In addition to those shown below, the Pages class also inherits all the methods and properties of: Wire.

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intCount and return how many pages will match the given selector. 
PageArray arrayGiven a Selector string, return the Page objects that match in a PageArray.
arrayLike $pages->find() except returns array of IDs rather than Page objects. 
PageArrayLike find(), but with “lazy loading” to support giant result sets without running out of memory. 
Page NullPageLike find() but returns only the first match as a Page object (not PageArray). 
Page NullPageReturns the first page matching the given selector with no exclusions 


PageArray PageGiven an array or CSV string of Page IDs, return a PageArray 
$pages->getByPath(string $path)
Page intGet a page by its path, similar to $pages->get('/path/to/page/') but with more options 
stringGiven an ID, return a path to a page, without loading the actual page 
$pages->insertAfter(Page $page, Page $afterPage)
(nothing)Sort/move one page after another (for manually sorted pages)
$pages->insertBefore(Page $page, Page $beforePage)
(nothing)Sort/move one page above another (for manually sorted pages)
PagesNamesGet Pages API methods specific to generating and modifying page names 
boolGet or set the current output formatting state 
$pages->sort(Page $page)
intSet the “sort” value for given $page while adjusting siblings, or re-build sort for its children
intRemove all pages from the cache (to clear memory) 

For hooks

These methods are only useful for hooking and should not be called directly.

$pages->added(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after a new page has been added
$pages->cloneReady(Page $page, Page $copy)
(nothing)Hook called when a page is about to be cloned, but before data has been touched
$pages->cloned(Page $page, Page $copy)
(nothing)Hook called when a page has been cloned
$pages->deleteReady(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page is about to be deleted, but before data has been touched
$pages->deleted(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after a page and its data have been deleted
$pages->found(PageArray $pages, array $details)
(nothing)Hook called at the end of a $pages->find(), includes extra info not seen in the resulting PageArray
$pages->moved(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page has been moved from one parent to another
$pages->publishReady(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called right before an unpublished page is published and saved
$pages->published(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after an unpublished page has just been published
$pages->renamed(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page has been renamed (i.e. had its name field change)
$pages->restored(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page has been moved OUT of the trash (restored)
$pages->saveFieldReady(Page $page, Field $field)
(nothing)Hook called when Pages::saveField is ready to execute
$pages->savePageOrFieldReady(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when either of Pages::save or Pages::saveField is ready to execute
$pages->saveReady(Page $page)
arrayHook called just before a page is saved
$pages->saved(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after a page is successfully saved
$pages->savedField(Page $page, Field $field)
(nothing)Hook called after Pages::saveField successfully executes
$pages->savedPageOrField(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after either of Pages::save or Pages::saveField successfully executes
$pages->sorted(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after a page has been sorted, or had its children re-sorted
$pages->statusChangeReady(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page's status is about to be changed and saved
$pages->statusChanged(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page status has been changed and saved
$pages->templateChanged(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page's template has been changed
$pages->trashed(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called when a page has been moved to the trash
$pages->unpublishReady(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called right before a published page is unpublished and saved
$pages->unpublished(Page $page)
(nothing)Hook called after published page has just been unpublished

Additional methods and properties

In addition to the methods and properties above, Pages also inherits the methods and properties of these classes:

API reference based on ProcessWire core version 3.0.130

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