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Little bug in the user roles


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Hey there,

I build a new site and used the fantastic processwire for that.

Now I want to add some users as a content editor, so I create a new user role and checked the following fields:

  • View pages
  • Edit pages
  • Delete pages
  • Move pages
  • Sort child pages
  • Change templates on page
  • Lock or unlock pages

The two others are unchecked.

Now I create a new user and add him to my new usergroup.

Then I tested the user, but he cant't edit anything. He only see the whole pagetree, but there is no link to edit the page.

When I go manually to the page I want to edit, then I became the info, that I don't have the currect user rights.

Have some others here the same problem?

I used the latest processwire and I love it, by the way. ;)

// edit

Hmh okay, I checked the other values, too.

Is there any other thing, that I don't see?

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