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  1. I have the latest dev version. PageTable is installed and everything works fine for me. Like I said. But the rendering in the page itselfs doesn't work for me. Also I can't install the second rendering module.
  2. Hi Marc, you know - I don't have any experience with PageTable field. I've installed the module and added the templates. Everything works fine for me. The Elements are there, I can add content und frontend shows everything. In your folder are two Modules. PageTable Renderer (Renders PageTable entries in admin) and PageTable render (Adds render functionality for PageTable fields). First one is installed. The second one requires InputFieldPageTable which I can't find. I thing thats the reason, why I have no settings. The rendering doesn't work for me yet and I've a little understanding problem, how I got this working for me…
  3. Hi there, I build a module which provides some new fields which you can add to your templates. I want to add these fields via the module settings. At the moment I have a list with all templates and a checkbox, but there is no functionality… Is this possible on an configurable module or do I need a own page for this module under /setup/ to handle this. And how it works? See you! y. // sorry, can someone move this thread to the dev section, please?
  4. Hard to handle this with Image-Uploads from the front-end.
  5. Is there any documentation how to use this function, Ryan?
  6. Hey there, I have a big problem with an Processwire installation on a 1und1 server. I made the whole site locally. Now I switched to the liveserver and nothing works. The following debug message I became: And yes, I use the newest version of processwire. Fatal error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] Connecting to 3.22, 3.23 & 4.0 servers is not supported (in /homepages/1/d11728757/htdocs/website/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 143) #0 /homepages/1/d11728757/htdocs/website/wire/core/ProcessWire.php(51): ProcessWire->load(Object(Config)) #1 /homepages/1/d11728757/htdocs/website/index.php(185): ProcessWire->__construct(Object(Config)) #2 {main} in /homepages/1/d11728757/htdocs/website/index.php on line 216 So I tried out a clean installation. At the installation process I get this error: Database connection information did not work. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] Connecting to 3.22, 3.23 & 4.0 servers is not supported Any ideas how can I fix this problem? Best, Kai
  7. Seems there is a problem with the array merging. The variables $customer_merched, $service_merched and $business_merched alone, but after the merching the result is empty… Any other suggestions? Thanks DaveP!
  8. Hey there, a little question. I have three fields for the template project: customer, service, business. Now I go to a project and want to show more projects on the given value. So I want to say: Give me all projects, which have customer=$page->customer or service=$page->service or business=$page->business. The comma is the AND selector. But is there a possibility to set an OR selector between more fields? Thanks for your input! Kai.
  9. Hey there, I have an image field, that only can have one image. Is it possible to change the image description without change the uploaded file? I want upload an image in the frontend and set a description. But I need the possibility to change the description without upload the image again. $p->setOutputFormatting(false); $p->image->description = "Test"; $p->save() $p->setOutputFormatting(true); This returns: Error: Exception: Item 'description' set to Pageimages is not an allowed type And ideas? Best, Kai
  10. Hey there, short question. I have a Repeater-Field with 2 Text-Fields and 1 textarea. A front-end-user should be able to create new elements in this repeater-field. So I have a form with 2 text-fields and 1 textarea, but I don't know, how I can store the inputs in a new Repeater-element… Any ideas for that? Kind regards. y. /edit Ok, sorry for that. Already documented. http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/repeaters/
  11. Thanks for your post. Yes, the idea sounds good and simple, but I have many problems with that. $this->pages->addHookAfter('save', $this, 'writepdf'); So, this is my Hook. So the function writepdf will be called AFTER the page will be saved. Now I get the elements which will be in my pdf document, but how I can save the generated document now? I mean, the page is saved already… Know what I mean? So I've no idea what's the right approach is…
  12. Hey there, for a new project I need some tricky stuff. The customer need a pdf from his content elements. My idea was to build a module, which create a pdf each time the page will be saved. At the moment I have a init with addHookAfter('save', $this, 'writepdf); In the function writepdf I want to create the pdf and then save this in a file-field, which the page has. Is this the correct way or would you do this on a other way? I don't want to create the pdf every time a user clicked the pdf-link in the frontend, so my idea was to do this on this way? Would be nice to hear from you with a little input. (:
  13. @Soma I want collapse both text-area-elements. (Textarea #1 and Textarea #2) And they should be always collapsed. First when i click on an element I see the the fields in there.
  14. Hi there. An other question today. I have a really big repeater-field. So now I add a new repeater-element and all my fields are displayed. Thats ok. But I need an option to hide the repeater-element. So, when I create 3 repeater-elements my page is too long. I want a click on my repeater-element and then the fields are displayed. (And now, I don't wanna hide the repeater himselfs at first.) Any ideas, how I can handle this? y.
  15. Thanks. The second works correctly. (:
  16. Hey there, I've started a new project today and now I have a small issue. I have a page (id: 1012) with a select-field (type: page) to display some other pages. In my case the other pages a team member. So when I go to my page with the id 1012 and say echo $page->fieldname; So it returns me the ID (1046) from the page, which I have chosen in my field. Now i want to display some other fields from the page with the id 1046, but it doesn't work for me. I tried: $apID = $page->myfield; // returns the correct ID $test = $pages->get($apID); echo $test->title; But this doesnt work. When I say get(1046) all workes fine. Any idea whats the problem is? Thanks (: y.
  17. Hey there, it's not really a bug, but it's a little problem. I have 3 fields - these fields have a 33 percent column width. After that I have 2 fields with 50 percent column width. The problem is, that the second 50 percent field isn't right from the first 50 percent field. It's down under. Is there a way to solve the problem? y.
  18. yesjoar

    Hello everyone

    Hey moreweb, have fun with ProcessWire!
  19. Hi MatthewSchenker, you can create a page (gallerytypes) and these page have some childs. In this case you gallery types. - gallerytypes - - Master Artist - - Emerging Artist - - Virtual Exhibition If you need this checkbox for the backend do the following: Create a new field, type must be "page". Save this. In the next step you can set the input for your field. (Input -> Selectable Pages) If you need these categories in your frontend use this code: <select> <?php $categories = $pages->get("/gallerytypes/")->children; foreach($categories as $category){ echo '<option value="'. $category->id .'">'. $category->title .'</option>'; } <select> y. ?>
  20. Hi thistimj, there is no best method. For example you build a slideshow (image, title, text) then use the repeat field. When you only need to upload some images, then use only an image field and set the max file input to zero, so you can upload so much images you needed. Can you explain a little bit, how the page looks like? y.
  21. Ok, that sounds to simple. I will try it. (: Thanks for your reply Martijn!
  22. Ok, I think I have a problem with user generated content and images in there. When I already have a page and somewhere try to edit this, already works fine and images can be uploaded. But now I want to create user generated content from the beginning. So there is no current ID. The second thing is - The user should be able to upload some more images. (max 4) 1. How can I handle, that the user has the possibility to upload 4 images? 2. How Can I handle, that these images upload to the the folder with the new page id? Some input would be nice. y.
  23. Hi again. To generate user content is really easy with the API. But I have a field for images, which contains max 4 images. Upload in the backend is really simple. Drag & Drop. ;D But how I can handle these in the frontend? I can write a upload script which upload my images and save the correct data in the field, but whats about the correct folder in /assets/files/? I don't have a page-ID, before saving the user generated content… Hope you can help a little bit. (: y. // done. wireUpload ist my friend for that. Perfect. Next time I spend some hours for searching before I start a thread.
  24. Perfect, now it works. (:
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