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page->name ist always the same


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i get the content of a page with this code:

$datenschutz = $pages->get('/datenschutz/');


This are the settings in the BE:



But the output in DE and in EN is the same:
<?php echo $datenschutz_content->name; ?>

<div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="<?php echo $datenschutz->name; ?>">
<!-- Output DE: -->
<div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="datenschutz">  
<!-- Output EN: -->
<div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="datenschutz">    


How i get the page name für different languages?

Thanks, Detlef

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The problem ist, that the site is a onesiter.

The URL is always: http://xxx.biz/de/ for german and http://pw.xxx.biz/en/ for english.

Any content i get with:

$datenschutz_content = $pages->get('/datenschutz/');  
<?php echo $datenschutz_content->title; ?>

Output (title) for the URL http://xxx.biz/de/ is: datenschutz
Output (title) for the URL http://xxx.biz/en/ is: data protection

Everthing is fine.

But now i need the name of the page datenschutz.

If i unterstood correctly, the var $page contains only the content of the current page. So all the examples here are not working.


If the URL: http://xxx.biz/de/
I need the page name: datenschutz

and if the URL: http://xxx.biz/en/
i need the page name: data_protection (importend is the underscore)


I hope, it was a litte understandable ?

Thanks, Detlef

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Hello @felted,

the translated name should show up, if you are on the translated page:

$dataProtection = $pages->get("/datenschutz/");

// German on the default page
echo $dataProtection->name; // danteschutz

// English on the translated page
echo $dataProtection->name; // data_protection

If that doesn't work somehow, you could force this as mentioned with localName:

// German
echo $dataProection->localName("default"); // datenschutz

// English
echo $dataProtection->localName("english"); // data_protection

Or you could try Multi-Language Field Values:

$page->of(false); // turn off outputFormatting (if it's not already)

// German
echo $dataProtection->name->getLanguageValue("default"); // datenschutz

// German
echo $dataProtection->name->getLanguageValue("default"); // data_protection

Important is to pass the language you are looking for. ?

Regards, Andreas

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