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  1. Hi, whith this code // Output pagination links $content .= "<p>".$stories->renderPager()."</p>"; i get this in Firefox and this in Chrome Where can i translate this words? Thanks Felted
  2. Hi, i have tow identical installations ( 3.0.149 dev ) and in on of this site is the modul PAGE CLONE (CORE)( https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-page-clone/ ) missing – why? Can anybody help me? Tanks, Felted
  3. Ok, now i understand. Thank you very much! Detlef
  4. Hi, i created a repeater-field with an file-field in it. I get the filename with this code: foreach ($page->Downloads as $download) { $ext = pathinfo($download->Datei, PATHINFO_EXTENSION); $content .= "<i class='material-icons mr-2 float-left'>save_alt</i>"; $content .= "<a target='_blank' href='".$download->Datei->url.$download->Datei."'>".$download->Datei->Beschreibung."</a> <span class='btn-secondary pl-1 pr-1'>".$ext."</span><br />"; } But i cant get the description (Beschreibung) from the file-field. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Felted
  5. Hi, i would create a downloadpage with some categories. Therefore i create a Field of type FILE. with description downloads. Then i create a template DOWNLOADS and add the FILED FILE. I get this: Downloads: (description) File_1.pdf File_2.pdf File_3.pdf But i need: Categorie 1 (description) File_1.pdf Categorie 2 (description) File_2.pdf File_3.pdf etc... How can reache this? Thanks, Felted
  6. Top! I learn a lot on this place Thank you very much. Detlef
  7. Hi, i have tow repeaters on a site with five fields. foreach ($child->Portrait_Repeater as $data) { $i = 1; foreach($data as $person_data){ $content .= $i.": ".$person_data."<br />"; $i++; } } The foreach outputs sixten fields: 1: 1113 2: 1570437779-0381-1 3: 1 4: 0 5: 0 6: sort 7: 41 8: 41 9: 1570437779 10: 1570439027 11: 1570437833 12: max.jpg 13: Max Mustermann 14: Rektor 15: 1234 - 56789 16: info@maxundmoritz.de Where are the first 11 fields coming from? Thanks, Detlef
  8. Next Feedback ? After hit the button Delete library i get this error: Error Call to undefined function _(), did you mean processwire\_n()? fix it► search► File: .../ProcessMediaLibraries.module:133 123: $frm->append($hidden); 124: 125: $hidden = $this->modules->get("InputfieldHidden"); 126: $hidden->attr('name', 'modal'); 127: $hidden->attr('value', 1); 128: $frm->append($hidden); 129: 130: $f = $this->modules->get("InputfieldMarkup"); 131: $f->attr('id+name', 'trash_msg'); 132: $f->label = $this->_("Procceed?"); 133: $f->attr('value', sprintf(_("Really move library <strong>%s / %s</strong> into the trash bin?"), implode(' / ', $page->parents->explode('title')), $title)); 134: $f->description = sprintf(_("Library contains %d images and %d files"), $page->media_images, $page->media_files); 135: $f->notes = $this->_("Any files/images contained in this library will be deleted."); 136: $frm->append($f);
  9. Hi, after installing the modul MEDIA LIBRARY, i get this Messeage when i click on the button Media: Can anyone help me? Thanks, Detlef
  10. Hi, the title of my homepage is e.g.: <title>3D-Visualisierung</title> After login it is: <title><span id=pw-edit-1 class='pw-edit pw-edit-InputfieldText' data-name=browsertitle data-page=1 data-lang='1010' style='position:relative'><span class=pw-edit-orig>3D-Visualisierung</span><span class=pw-edit-copy id=pw-editor-browsertitle-1 style='display:none;-webkit-user-select:text;user-select:text;' contenteditable>3D-Visualisierung</span></span></title Is this normal, or have i anything readjusted? Thanks, Detlef
  11. The problem ist, that the site is a onesiter. The URL is always: http://xxx.biz/de/ for german and http://pw.xxx.biz/en/ for english. Any content i get with: $datenschutz_content = $pages->get('/datenschutz/'); <?php echo $datenschutz_content->title; ?> Output (title) for the URL http://xxx.biz/de/ is: datenschutz Output (title) for the URL http://xxx.biz/en/ is: data protection Everthing is fine. But now i need the name of the page datenschutz. If i unterstood correctly, the var $page contains only the content of the current page. So all the examples here are not working. Example: If the URL: http://xxx.biz/de/ I need the page name: datenschutz and if the URL: http://xxx.biz/en/ i need the page name: data_protection (importend is the underscore) I hope, it was a litte understandable ? Thanks, Detlef
  12. Hello, i get the content of a page with this code: $datenschutz = $pages->get('/datenschutz/'); This are the settings in the BE: But the output in DE and in EN is the same: <?php echo $datenschutz_content->name; ?> <div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="<?php echo $datenschutz->name; ?>"> <!-- Output DE: --> <div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="datenschutz"> <!-- Output EN: --> <div class="modal-modal mfp-hide" id="datenschutz"> How i get the page name für different languages? Thanks, Detlef
  13. Hi, i have installed the plugin <Pages Export/Import> on my system <ProcessWire 3.0.117> But unfortunately i can't find the menuepoint export/import as expected. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Detlef
  14. Hi, i have a litte strange problem with CKEditor and mystyles.js I have followed this guide: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/master/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/README.md#custom-editor-js-styles-set In mystyles.js i add: { name: 'Test', element: 'test' }, But only the styles without my line are shown. After i press Strg+F5 i can see my custom style in the dropdown. But after saveing, my styles are gone. Then i press Strg+F5 -> my styles are shown. After saving my styles are gone. And so on... Delete cache an relogin did not do anything. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Detlef
  15. I found the problem ? I saved the document with codierung CP1252. After chanching to UTF-8 everything is fine. Thanks for your help! Detlef
  16. Hello, i would like to convert germand Umlaute url-conform. ü = ue ä = ae usw... I use this code: $tmp = $sanitizer->pageName("Über", true); But the output for über is: ber And the output für Größe is: gre Can anyone help me? Greetings and thank you, Detlef
  17. Where can i find the PageTable field? Thanks, Felted
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