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New post: Weekly update (Nov 9)


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Most of what I've been working on this week is related to the new PW website. That's includes primarily continued copy writing and site development (about 50/50), and it's coming along very well, though a lot of work. I'm hoping to have it ready to post publicly for collaboration by the end of the year. I'll have screenshots to share well before that though. 

The content of the site (particularly documentation section) is so much improved from the current site that I'd like to get it online as soon as possible, even if design details and some features are still being worked on. 

In addition to continued work in the documentation section, this week I also worked on the sites directory. I'm going to keep working on that today rather than writing a longer blog post, so that's why I'm posting this update here in the forum instead. 

Next week I'll also have ProcessWire 3.0.119 ready. Though you can grab the current dev branch already to benefit from a couple of features that are already in it. These include two items from the processwire-requests GitHub repository, among some other minor updates. Here's a preview from next week's blog post about a couple of new features in 3.0.119: 

• Robin S. (@Toutouwai) suggested that collapsed file/image and CKEditor fields automatically open when a file is dragged into them. Toutouwai also wrote the code to make it happen. This addition is super convenient, and it works great. 

• @BitPoet suggested that our ajax file upload capture and write the uploaded file in ~8 megabyte chunks. This is preferable to loading all the file data into memory and then writing it, enabling it to support larger file uploads that might not have been possible before (depending on server memory). Presumably this also can help to reduce server load. Thanks to BitPoet for writing the code to make it happen. 

Also on the dev branch this week is a new WireArray::slices() method and support for created/modified page dates in pages export/import functions (I needed this to import the PW sites directory entries). I'll have more details on all of these updates and more, next week. 

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On 11/10/2018 at 12:55 PM, bernhard said:

Could you please elaborate a little more on that? Thx ? 

Ryan has always said he would like the designers that use ProcessWire to get involved and collaborate so I imagine that is what he means.

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