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Login/Register module validation issue when cookie is mising

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Hi there,
I've implemented the login/register module on a website I've built. It's very easy to work with and I like it a lot.
One problem though: email registration data is stored in the session cookie.
When someone tries to validate in a different browser, validation will fail.

It turns out that it's fairly common for people to open email links in the cell phone app's internal browser or starting the registration on desktop but reading emails on mobile.

It's a valid user expectation that validation will complete in all situation, we get many confused emails though about this issue.

Question: any idea how to sort this to work across devices and browsers?
I was thinking if there was a way to re-open the old session somehow by passing the session ID in the validation link or something like this?

I looked through everything I could find about PW and PHP sessions with no luck.

Alternatively: do you think it would be very difficult to store the data temporary in the database instead of the session file?
(Note: I have VERY limited PHP skills).
Thank you for your input in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I haven't checked the github issues… 

Creating the user and publish it when confirmed could work well, however it would lead to other problems when something goes wrong (such as email address is already taken etc…). On the top of it, security is important because there is order and payment processing involved for those registered users.

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any update on this or maybe any other module that works. I tried the opened issue above but there is no working solution there or am I missing something.

Thank you


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