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Copying repeater items is easier than you might think. Repeater items are just regular pages, just not visible in the tree as you would expect. But they are there. So you can just clone them as if they were regular pages. @adrian has built an adminaction in his module for that. I had a discussion with him about using my clone method instead of his getNew() approach. See https://github.com/adrianbj/ProcessAdminActions/pull/7

The problem is that my implementation does not work on his side. So I would be happy if you could try out my approach of just cloning the repeater item and setting a new parent and tell us if that worked for you.

The key is to find the new parent for the cloned repeater item. You find it by it's name: https://github.com/adrianbj/ProcessAdminActions/pull/7/commits/a92227707e20b32ff2144edb999f8008ff450d1c#diff-2780518325127d1f954f0c4a906b8d6fR106

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