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Page URL changes when page is saved.


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I'm working on a site where there are a number of artists selling paintings. Some are abstract and untitled pieces.

The tree structure is pretty simple:

      - ART
            - Artist's Name
                   - Untitled 1
                   - Untitled 2
                   - Painting Name

When I edit the contents of the page, say Untitled 1, and edit the fields, or just hit 'Save', the URL changes from /Untitled-1 to /Untitled-1-20 and increments ( /Untitled-1-21, /Untitled-1-22...) from there each save. I can change it back to /Untitled-1 manually, but it reverts each time also I make any changes to any of the fields.

Is there a way to override this? It only happens with the Untitled # pages. Thank you

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34 minutes ago, wbmnfktr said:

Are there any modules or hooks in place that could be responsible for that behaviour?

How do you create those painting-pages?

Which version of ProcessWire do you use?

I just tried to reproduce that behaviour but without success.

- Not that I'm aware, pretty standard stuff, nothing custom.
- From the Page tree, hover over the artist, select 'New' and I create the child page. The issue starts from the moment the page is created.
- The latest (dev) but this started months ago when I was on the latest production release.

18 minutes ago, Robin S said:

I've opened a GitHub issue for this: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/666

Thanks, this issue really has been the devil for me to.

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