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Musikschule Neumünster

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I'm proud to share this newly released custom-made website with you.

Musikschule Neumünster



Design details

The design was built from ground up to give every aspect and every detail of the website its very own unique look. We faced the demand to create a visual experience that is up to date but kind of classic at the same time. A fact you can't describe but you will feel and see it when visiting the website. 😉

Technical details

From top to bottom every detail can be managed in the backend - all instruments, tutors, events, and content pages. In order to make life easier some things are automated (for example: archiving older events or managing the relationship between tutor and instrument).

Modules and time-savers

  1. ProCache
  2. Croppable Image 3
  3. PagefieldPairs
  4. MarkupSitemap
  5. Hanna Code
  6. Jumplinks

I hope you enjoy the result as much as we* do.

* A little side note to reduce confusion: I'm partner and the developer of Muskaat (design and development bureau based in Neumünster, Germany).

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A very nice, beautiful and informative website.   Your design skills are outstanding 

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Great website, good job. I was wondering where on the site you are using the field "PagefieldPairs"?

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Thank you, @tooth-paste.

The PagefieldPairs module keeps the mapping between tutor:instrument, tutor:ensemble and vice versa in sync.

So editors can either add tutors to an instrument/ensemble or add instruments/ensembles to a tutor. This detail seems small at first but it's crucial. Keeping this in sync makes changes much easier and reduces the risk to miss a tutor/instrument/ensemble somewhere and it doesn't matter where this detail gets changed.

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