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Trailing Slash / need a drink

Gary Austin

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I know I'm just a "beginner" with Processwire, but just spent hours trying to debug  downloading a PDF with a post variable providing the data for the PDF. 

I must have missed somewhere the need for a trailing / after the page name to get post variables.  Googling lots of stuff on  templates/ posts/pdf/ etc and finally saw a few threads on the / at end of url meaning something.   Added that and now I get my post data....

I don't like having to have a / at the end of the url the customer will see, but at least I can move forward now.   Hopefully I missed something obvious...

Anyway this forum area is entitled the Pub, and I certainly need a drink.


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Sorry you had a battle :)

There is a template settings - under the URLS tab for changing whether URLs end in a slash or not

This thread is worth a read: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/16930-options-for-trailing-slashes-and-seo/ - it includes some links on slash vs no slash.

Also, just an FYI - variables in a URL are GET, not POST

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