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A sec urity sca nner found this issue on my site on admin link (/processwire/):

jQuery Selector Injection

What does this mean?

It is possible to manipulate the jQuery selector to take control of unintended elements.

What can happen?

The risk depends on the context of the application. If the selector is used to click on an object and an at tacker can manipulate the selector, then it would be possible to click on buttons such as "promote to admin" or "add to shopping cart".


If you’d like to read up on this finding, here are some handy resources you can check out.

It's jQuery v1.8.3. The last "good" version is jQuery v1.12.1 (it passes bugs 11290, 9521, 2432 and 11974). Is this something to worry about?

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I upgraded jQuery from 1.8.3 to 1.12.1, jQuery UI from 1.10.4 to 1.12.1, datepicker.js from 1.6.1 to 1.6.3 and updated longclick.js from 0.3.2 to 0.4.0  and it works just fine (after few quick tests). Then I tried jQuery 3.2.1 and jQuery Migrate 1.4.1 and it's working too (Migrate is required). 

jQuery 1.8.3 is released in november 2012. It's nothing wrong with that old version, but it just doesn't fit in the incoming new stable version of PW... 

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