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I added a new Bootstrap 4 Site Profile

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    • By AndZyk
      This is a image and animation heavy single page for NexWafe, a spinoff of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) based in Freiburg, Germany. The sections were realized with Flickity carousels to separate the content into slides. The site features various animations, like parallax separators, fixed lines and two large animations to illustrate the process and production. The animations were realized using ScrollMagic in combination with GSAP. Challenging was to keep the site performant by lazy loading almost every image and disable animations for mobile devices.
      Modules used:
      ProCache Markup Sitemap XML Email Obfuscation (EMO) Tracy Debugger Regards, Andreas
    • By thetuningspoon
      Podcast Profile
      Direct Download:
      Manage your podcasting with ProcessWire! The Podcast Profile is a fully featured iTunes podcast publishing platform built using nothing more than ProcessWire's basic fields/templates/pages system. Automatically generates an XML feed for submission to iTunes. 
      Fully implements the iTunes podcasting specification ( and supports managing an unlimited number of podcasts and episodes from the same installation. Accommodates both on-site and off-site file hosting.   Get it here:     Instructions   1. Upload a fresh copy of ProcessWire to your server.   2. Extract the PodcastProfile-master folder from the zip file to the root directory of the new installation.    3. Rename the folder to site-PodcastProfile <- IMPORTANT!   4. Install ProcessWire as usual. When asked to select a site profile, choose "Podcast Profile".   5. Once installed, you can add a new Podcast via the "Add New" menu in the upper right portion of the admin panel.   6. Fill out the podcast details and then begin adding episodes under the podcast page, or via the "Add New" menu.   7. The XML file for each podcast is generated at (The url of the podcast page)   8. Use this URL to submit the podcast to iTunes at

    • By joe_g
      I ran into a bug with the latest stable version of PW (2.6.1) and site profile exporter:
      I'm trying to create a distributable installation using the export profile, but in the latest version after installing selecting my exported profile the modules aren't installed. They are all there, in the modules folder. If I press "refresh" in the modules menu, all is fine; they all appear and become installed immediately. 
      I'm getting the same result exporting a profile from an older version of PW (2.5.22 dev). Importing to another old version works fine, so I'm guessing the problem lies with the importing in 2.6.1.
      2.5.22 dev -> 2.5.22 dev = fine
      2.5.22 dev -> 2.6.1 = needs refresh
      2.6.1 -> 2.6.1 = needs refresh
      So the problem is with installing with an already-exported site profile, not so much the site export.
    • By Mike Rockett
      A client recently asked me to make a simple utility that they could use to upload files for public downloads. One of the requirements, for some reason or the other, was clean URIs. Thought it best to do it with PW. Too much of a mission anywhere else, really.
      Called it Dispo, which comes from Content-Disposition. Sharing in case anyone else may find it useful.
      This is generally for use on a subdomain - client wants it installed at
      In config.php, there are two options to set: one for the domain of the main website (Dispo will redirect there when the home page or 404 is hit), and the other for the name the company or, whatever. Best to set these as they default to localhost and ABC & Co., respectively.
      Create files using the downloader template, specifying a title for the file (this, along with the company name as set in config.php, will be used for the downloaded file name).
      When the entry (Page) is requested, its file will be downloaded. To view the file instead (if the browser is capable of it), add ?view to the URL.

      Download below:
    • By Gayan Virajith
      Hi All,
      I am gladly posting my first site profile.
      Blue-VR Site Profile for ProcessWire
      A site profile for corporate or personal website. Profile can be used with ProcessWire open source CMS/CMF version 2.3+. The front-end uses the Bootstrap 3.1 css framework for to get the responsiveness and mobile friendliness.
      Front-end Demo -
      Back-end Demo mode - (The username 'admin' and password 'bluevr2')
      Overall features    * HTML5 & CSS3 + ({less})  * Build with bootstrap 3.1  * SEO Friendly  * Clean & modern design  * Responsive markup  * Contact form and google map locations with multiple google markers  * Testimonials using bxSlider  * AIOM supports (Just install the module no need to touch the code)   How to install   Please take a copy of the latest ProcessWire (Replace the install, modules and templates directories with those in this profile, as shown below:    - /site-default/install/ - /site-default/modules/ - /site-default/templates/    Make sure you do following steps as well    1. Add `tinymce` directory into /site-defaut.  2. Add the following two lines to your `/site/config.php` file:  $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; Download   Github:   Credits I would like to thanks Ryan for giving us great CMS/CMF and modules. Hani AbuGhazaleh for a great module of Fieldtype: Select (AKA Drop Down) David Karich for providing such a nice module AIOM+. *** Please note that the site profile is still on testing stage.    Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Edit: install instructions. 
      Edit: Add credits
      Edit: Update live demo url
      Edit: Update back-end demo mode details