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I finally re-launched Notanotherdotcom - my business website.

Things were looking a little dated for a few years, but finding some spare time to give it an overhaul was difficult (I'm sure that resonates with a lot of people here).

There's still more content to go on. I'm working through some more recent projects to put on the portfolio but I want to do a bit of a write-up for each one rather than just keep putting up isolated screenshots without much description of what work actually went into each project.

It also has a blog where ProcessWire will definitely get a mention. I started writing the second article yesterday, titled "A Better CMS", but when I finally settled on my 3 main reasons for using ProcessWire it quickly began turning into 3 separate blog posts, so keep an eye out for those.

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It is largely UIKit with some CSS alterations and a couple of hundred extra lines of CSS added in. It's really not far from what UIKit gives you out of the box and as such I more or less designed it in the browser - I don't think I've even got a mock-up of it in Photoshop!

The only problem with that approach is I'll have to steer away from UIKit a bit more for the next one or they could all end up looking pretty similar :)

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