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How to keep a field populated for a specific time?


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I could not find a related post to this issue:

I am dealing with the development of a banner advertising solution for a website, i.e. the website will show different rotating banners at different positions. A convenient way would be to use the repeater field. Not sure if it would be better to work with pages due to the possible size of the website (performance limitations ?!?).

Now, the idea is to keep a specific banner within this repeater published for a specific time, e.g. 1 week, 1 month, 3 months. Once a banner has been added to the repeater and the publishing time has been selected, publication time is counted and the banner is automatically "unpublished", but not deleted after this time.

Would appreciate your advice if this is possible.

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Hallo Neo! Follow the white rabbit.

1) Pages scale much better that repeaters. So if you will have really lot of banners you better use pages. Or consider commercial Repeater Matrix field.

2) You do not have to unpublish your banners. You can just add a datetime field and name it something like show_until. Then in the code just use this field in the selector and choose only pages that have show_until field value less than today.

3) If you really need to unpublish those pages you can use Lazy Cron module.

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