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Theatre de Maaspoort has a new website!


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At X-com we build and maintain ticketingsoftware, named Itix. About 20 Dutch Theatres run our software and since we've dropped maintentance on our own CMS, we're slightly migrating more and more of those theatres towards a ProcessWire powered website.

Using various API's and synchronisation tools, all needed information and actions are provided to the ProcessWire frontend, resulting in a cool e-commerce solution which is flexible towards the client and scalable for us.

Another one was released this week, go see the result at http://www.maaspoort.nl

The design was done by http://www.dejongensvanboven.nl

The technical implementation by us at http://www.x-com.nl

Other Itix theatres running on ProcessWire include:








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Just had a quick look on my phone. Looking really slick and easy to use. Well done.

PS on your own site the 'vacatures' banner covers the menu when i open it via the hamburger.

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