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Pigtail Pundits is now on ProcessWire


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Our old website was built on WordPress site some 5 years ago. It was dated in design and was getting very difficult to manage.

We had to change. ProcessWire has been our default CMS for 2 years now so it had to be Pigtail Pundits on PW. The theme was custom built on Foundation 5.  

Were we asking too much of ourselves? 

With projects and other work interrupting this dream?  It took some time to cook - a year in the making. Plus, some distractions like the logo change after we started the design.

The copy was re-written twice. Finally, we dropped everything else and put all our energies to make it live in January this year. And quietly worked on parts that still needed working since.

It’s now ready to be seen: https://www.pigtailpundits.com


The Functionality

  1. PageTable Extended with ProFields for page layouts that break the rhythm
  2. ProCache for fast caching
  3. Sendy for Newsletters
  4. Download Guard for PDF downloads
  5. FormBuilder for forms
  6. Animate.css for on-page effects
  7. Custom coding for email a friend and Print this.
  8. SVG images for logo, branding

Let the opinions flow in.

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I'm a bit in a hurry, sorry if my comment is quick and direct.

There's a problem with the animations of various content block which immediately appears even though no scroll animation is triggered, infact if I inspect the console:

(index):281 Uncaught ReferenceError: $timeline_block is not defined

every time a scroll event is triggered.

Site design is nice but despite the problem I noticed above I think there are too many "unjustified" animations occouring, I would probably go to a subtle approach, a bit muted here and there.

My two cents, of course :)

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