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clients sites need to talk to one main site

Marco Angeli

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Hi processwire people,

a short insight of what I'd like to build:

  1. different clients sites, each one with it's own domain.
  2. one main site (with it's own domain) which grabs some content from clients sites.

The users that run www.client1.com or www.client2.com need to publish a post on their personal site.

The post then must be available on "www.mainsite.com"

Do you think that the module "Multiple site support" is the way to go?


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hi marco,

sounds like https://processwire.com/api/modules/multi-site-support/ option #2 would be worth a try. but it depends a lot on the setup of your sites. are they exactly the same or should they be different?

i think pw 3.0 should also be able to grab data from other installations but i have no experience with it so far :)

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I am using REST API to exchange information between independent PW installs. There is Ryan's Pages Web Service Module you could use on the client sites and then query it from the main site. Or clsource's REST Helper classes for setting up a REST API. I wrote a tutorial on setting up the latter.

If you decide to go the REST route, there is the HTTPful REST client for PHP which makes life a lot easier when doing requests with PHP (from your main site to the client sites).

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