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Multi-site on shared cPanel host

Robin S

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I'm having trouble getting a multi-site installation (I'll call them "site1" and "site2") working on a shared cPanel host.

The installation was working on my local hosting environment with two virtualhosts pointed at the same folder, allowing me to access both sites. On the cPanel server I'm wanting to use subdomains for both sites: site1.mydomain.com and site2.mydomain.com

So in my cPanel hosting I have site1.mydomain.com as the primary domain for the account, and I have added site2.mydomain.com as a cPanel domain Alias (I believe this was called a "Parked Domain" in previous versions of cPanel). Before I edit index.config.php to perform the redirect to site2 I am able to see site1 at both site1.mydomain.com and site2.mydomain.com. But after I edit index.config.php to redirect I get:

Internal Server Error. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Maybe someone has experience with setting up a multi-site installation on cPanel. Is adding the domain for site2 as an alias/parked domain the right move? Something else I need to configure in cPanel?

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I reset the database password for site2 (I don't think it was wrong but just starting the process of double-checking things) and now I'm able to access site2 without problem. Weird, not sure why a db password problem would cause a 500 Internal Server Error. But all working now so happy joy :)

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