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A new project, we are working on at updateAG, is now online (at least first step, online "reservation" process isn't yet)


The data for the shoes are imported from their system va CSV. They then can edit and publish and categorize them as they wish. Soon there will come a reservation process, that's only half implemented yet. It's an ongoing process in all parts and will get reworked or extended by time.

They were using Typo3 before and were positively surprized and happy with ProcessWire and think it's all a lot simpler. They can edit all their content only with a rough 15 min crash course  "showing" them ProcessWire.   

Design and concept is from another partner firm, who also executes the print campaigns for the client.

Maybe something special to mention: is that we fighted a lot with their product fotos. The plan was to use transparent png's and then so be able to color the background. This lead to a lot of problems with png's and GDlib in general. Plus they delivered the fotos as optimized png's 8bit... etc. Very long story short. With the excellent PIA (PageImageManipulator by horst) and after lot of researching and testing I was finally able to "color a canvas", smash the png on it and have a jpg coming out on the other end! This way, we solved a lot of problems with a simple command and have regained back a lot of flexiblity, lesser artifacts and 10times lesser file sizes at the end.

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This looks beautiful :) 

I've been using WordPress for quite a while, but I can't escape the fact that it's a blogging system over a CMS. I work at an agency and we publish WordPress sites all the time. We now have a network of about 40 of them and trying to keep them up to date is a daunting task. I've used other systems to try and move them away from WordPress such as Concrete5 and while that was better and easier for development, it was trickier for the clients with the drag and drop interface. 

Where I work we all fell in love with Craft CMS but found it far to expensive for our clients. ProcessWire seems like the perfect solution and I'm currently in the process of getting my head around everything, I love the API. 

It's always really encouraging to see websites as beautiful and as crafted as this, it really gives me encouragement and a goal to what I want to achieve. 

The best thing I've found about ProcessWire is things like Guess CMS have no idea what CMS you are running, and I imagine bots too. That seems super secure to me! 

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Its quite awesome how many items (products) are included on this site. A lot of hours of content entering. :mellow:

"The data for the shoes are imported from their system va CSV." If the structure is right and the csv(s) fit nicely that is not necessarily the case. It could even be automated quite a bit. 

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