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List of reserved words

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I had a problem with this part of code:

$field = $modules->get("InputfieldSelect");
$field->label = $el['label-children'];
$field->attr('id+name','children'); //=> this line was a problem
$field->attr("wrapClass", "large-4 columns");
$options = array('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','+10');
foreach($options as $k => $v) {
  $field->addOption($k, $v);

and later in some loop I had a trouble

foreach( $form->children as $f ) {

Because I am still learning Processwire maybe it would be nice to have some kind of "List of reserved words".

My mistake was that I didn't give importance about "children" in this part: 


because I was thinking: ok it will create select field with id="children" and name="children"

But that was wrong :)



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Just stumbled upon a failing field name, too.

In PW3 "files" is reserved, as not only those names from LostKobrakai's mentioned array are considered reserved, but everything in $wire too.


and in PW3 there's WireFileTools class which populates $files

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Using your own two or three character prefix (plus _ or -) to name identifiers can be of help no matter what system we use (css, php, js, etc...). This way it is also easy to tell what belongs to your code and what not. It helps in this issue, but also helps others dealing with your code. Sure, the practice of prefixing is not a bulletproof solution, but it is unlikely that one runs into this issue when sticking to it.

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