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Found 5 results

  1. abdus

    Firefox Quantum

    Wow I've started using it and I'm really impressed with how fast and responsive it is. Tab switching and startup is instant. On my PC, Chrome lags when scrolling on YouTube or on some sites occasionally, but on Quantum, everything feels buttery smooth. Design is quite nice and not in our face. RAM usage is way lower than Chrome, too. It'll be released on November 14, but a beta and dev edition is available if you want to test and see for yourself. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/quantum/
  2. Hi there, I'm experiencing a real weird caching issue with Safari (Desktop) and all mobile browsers where it is loading the old version of the site and refusing to reload the website. I don't seem to have the problem with Chrome where a reload did correctly reload the latest version of the website. Has anyone come across this issue before? Things I have tried (and failed) : 1) I've replaced our .htaccess file with the standard one that comes with Processswire 2.8 2) Everything here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1922910/force-browser-to-clear-cache 3) Deleted everything under /assets/pwpc folder. 4) Deleted all local wesbite data on laptop/mobile and reloaded. Much appreciate if anyone can help me
  3. Hello for all, I have a small problem with my portfolio (Portfolio). When scrolling and sliding to the right, the content always jumps slightly. I could test it on chrome and safari. In Mozilla, however, the error does not occur. Maybe someone has a tip since I am still a beginner and does not know where the error comes. Many Thanks
  4. Setup: PW version 2.7.1 dev template cache is disabled Chrome Canary is opened with disabled cache and in inkognito view mode When I make a change to a template file (say the basic home.php) I want to immediately see that change after refreshing the browser. Example: This is the content of home.php: <?php echo "bla"; I browse to the root page and see the "bla" output. I change the code to <?php echo "bla1"; and save the file. After that I immediately reload the page in the browser and I don’t see the change to "bla1". Only after multiple browser reloads (at times also more than 20 reloads) and "hard" reloads does the change appear. What I tried to do: set $config->dbCache, $config->sessionFingerprint and $config->sessionChallenge to false in config.php delete all sessions re-save the page in the ProcessWire backend and reload the browser page completely delete the browser history (cookies, cache, everything) after the first visit to the page Nothing helped. Questions: Can someone replicate this behavior? What can I do to achieve the desired behavior? Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
  5. So i've somehting to share expecially for beginners with processwire!! I'm like others here not really satisfied with the forum search - so i decided to make a google custom search page https://www.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=014789015761400632609:fxrf0rj4wr4 but the optical result is not that i imagine so i created a very small html page with the PW Logo + Google CSE JS Code and now it looks better.... so i've had a fast search on the /talk/ /api/ /docs/ and cheatsheet pages from processwire.com! so maybe it's usefull for anybody? Have Fun PW-Search.zip
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